Reasoning Quiz – Puzzle – NABARD Grade A 2018 – 3

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of Reasoning Quiz on Puzzle for NABARD Grade A 2018 Phase I Examination.


6 people Vineesh, Kamlesh, Ramesh, Rajesh, Sukesh, Jignesh had seminar from 23rd April to 27th April. It was not mandatory that on every date they had seminar. Not more than one people attended the seminar at the same time on the same date. The seminar times were 12pm and 3pm. Not more than 3 people had the same seminar time. Six of them belong to six different cities – Delhi,Kolkata, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Patna . Kamlesh has seminar on an even date,but he neither belongs to Ahmedabad nor Patna. Seminar time for Ramesh and the people from Mumbai and Delhi is same i.e. 3pm. Both Jignesh and Rajesh has seminar date is on 25th. Ramesh belongs to Kolkata and has seminar date on the same date of Patna. Sukesh and Kamlesh do not have seminar at 3pm. Sukesh does not belong to Ahmedabad but his seminar was immediately before Kamlesh. Rajesh’s time is 12pm. The person who belongs to Delhi had seminar on the last date.


1. Who had seminar on 26th April?
(A) Jignesh
(B) Kamlesh
(C) Vineesh
(D) None


2. Who had seminar on the last date?
(A) Kamlesh
(B) Vineesh
(C) Ramesh
(D) Sukesh


3. Who had seminar on 23rd April?
(A) Ramesh
(B) Sukesh
(C) A and B both
(D) None


4. Whose seminar time was 12pm?
(A) Kamlesh, Sukesh, Rajesh
(B) Kamlesh, Ramesh,Jignesh
(C) Ramesh,Sukesh, Vineesh
(D) None

5. Who belongs to Mumbai?
(A) Jignesh
(B) Vineesh
(C) Kamlesh
(D) Rajesh


6 photographers A,B,C,P,Q,R belong to 6 different cities Siliguri, Ooty, Kaziranga, Dharmashala, Kochi, Coorg. Some of them use Canon brand,and others love Nikon brand for camera. They have different field of photography- wildlife photography, fashion photography, street photography. R is a Nikon lover. B uses Canon camera only with the person from Kaziranga. R is neither from Ooty nor Croog, but his field of photography is as same as the person from Siliguri. Only the person from Ooty prefers fashion photography. B neither belongs to Kochi nor to Coorg. B loves street photography only with R. A belongs to Kochi. C neither belongs to Kaziranga nor Ooty. P does not love Canon brand.

6. Who belongs to Kaziranga?
(A) B
(B) Q
(C) P
(D) Cannot be determined


7. Who loves fashion photography?
(A) Q
(B) P
(C) A
(D) None of them


8. Who is from Siliguri?
(A) R
(B) Q
(C) B
(D) C


9. Tick the true statement-
(A) R- Dharmashala
(B) Q- Kaziranga
(C) P- Ooty
(D) All are true


10. A loves-
(A) Wildlife photography
(B) Fashion photography
(C) Street photography
(D) Cannot be determined






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