Reasoning Quiz – Puzzle for Mains – 7

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of Puzzle Quiz for IBPS Clerk Mains. One of the quiz is based on the similar pattern of RBI Assistant Mains 2017.


Eight epians- P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W support 5 IPL teams – KKR,KXIP,DD,RCB,CSK and have 8 different cars- Mahindra Bolero,Swift,Tata Indica,Ford,Maruti Suzuki,Honda Amaze,Honda Brio,Volkswagen.

The supporters of KKR neither have Honda Amaze nor Ford. W neither has Volkswagen nor Swift. The one who has Swift is a supporter of CSK. R is neither supporter of RCB nor KKR. The one who has Tata Indica neither is the supporter of KKR nor DD. W is neither supporter of KXIP nor RCB. Q and T both support KKR. The supporters of DD neither have Mahindra Bolero nor Ford. T neither has Volkswagen nor Mahindra Bolero. U is neither supporter of KXIP nor of RCB. S neither has Mahindra Bolero nor Volkswagen. Only one person supports RCB, but not S. V is neither supporter of DD nor of RCB. P has Ford but Q does not have Honda Brio. R neither has Mahindra Bolero nor Honda Brio. R has Swift and he is a lone supporter.

  1. Who support KKR?

(A) S and T

(B) T and V

(C) Q and T

(D) W and V

  1. Answer
    Option: C


  1. Who has Volkswagen?

(A) U

(B) P

(C) W

(D) S

  1. Answer
    Option: A


  1. Which car W has?

(A) Honda Brio.

(B) Swift

(C) Data inadequate

(D) Honda Amaze

  1. Answer
    Option: D
  1. Who has Tata Indica?

(A) R

(B) W

(C) U

(D) none of these

  1. Answer
    Option: D
  1. The supporters of DD:

(A) U and T

(B) U and W

(C) Cannot be determined

(D) S and W

  1. Answer
    Option: B
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P  RCB  Ford
Q KKR Maruti Suzuki
R  CSK  Swift
S  KXIP  Tata Indica
T  KKR  Honda Brio
U  DD  Volkswagen
V KXIP Mahindra Bolero
W  DD  Honda Amaze




There are 8 members A,B,C,D,F,O,P,R in a family. The most aged person in the family is 75 years old. In the second generation the male member is the eldest.Grandmother of the least aged person is A. C has three daughters. One of them is married to D. B is the eldest aunty of P whose age is 6. The age difference between the younger son of F and F’s younger sister is 20 years. The age difference between D and his elder son is 24 years.

    1. The probable age of A is:

    (A) 72

    (B) 35

    (C) 40

    (D) None of these


    Option: A


    1. What is the probable age of B?

    (A) 24

    (B) 25

    (C) 29

    (D) Cannot be determined


    Option: C


    1. The youngest sister of B is-

    (A) F

    (B) R

    (C) C

    (D) O


    Option: D


    1. The age of R’s father is-

    (A) 75

    (B) 30

    (C) 72

    (D) 36



    Option: B


    1. Who is 75years old in the family?

    (A) A

    (B) O

    (C) C

    (D) Cannot be determined


    Option: C

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