Reasoning Quiz – Puzzle for IBPS Clerk & RBI Asst Mains – Set 5

Reasoning Quiz - Puzzle

Hello and welcome to Exampundit. Here is a set of Reasoning Quiz based on Puzzle for upcoming IBPS Clerk & RBI Assistant 2017 Mains exam.

Directions: Read the following information carefully and answer the below questions.
A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H 8 friends are studying 8 different subjects: English, Mechanical Engineering, French, Political Science, Biotechnology, Accountancy, Economics, Computer Science and they watch 8 different TV series, but not necessarily in same order.
H neither watches Suits nor Game of Thrones. The one who is studying Biotechnology watches neither Flash nor Lucifer. The one who watches Lucifer is neither studying English nor Computer Science. C is a fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S and studying Accountancy. The fan of How I Met Your Mother is a student either of Political Science or of Biotechnology. B who is a student of Political Science neither watches Lucifer nor Game of Thrones. The one who watches Blacklist is studying Mechanical Engineering. E is an Economic student and neither watches Lucifer nor Game of Thrones (GoT). H is a student of Biotechnology. F watches Flash and G is not a GoT fan. A is neither a student of Computer Science nor of French. The GoT fan is not a student of English. The one who watches Fargo is neither an Economic student nor a student of Political Science.

1. Who watches Suits?
A) G
B) The one who is studying Economics.
C) The one who studies English.
D) A


2. Who watches GoT?
A) A
B) G
C) D
D) cannot be determined.


3. Who studies French?
A) The fan of Fargo
B) G
C) The fan of Flash.
D) Cannot be determined.

4. B is studying-
A) Computer Science.
B) Mechanical Engineering.
C) Political Science.
D) French


5. H watches:
A) Fargo.
B) Blacklist.
C) Game of Thrones.
D) How I Met Your Mother.


6. D is a student of-
A) Economics.
B) Biotechnology.
C) French
D) None of the above


7. A is a student of-
A) Political Science.
B) Accountancy.
C) English.
D) None of these.


8. F watches-
A) Flash
B) Fargo
C) Blacklist.
D) Lucifer.


For the entire puzzle solution, view below:

Puzzle Solution

May the force be with you!

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