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8 boxes A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H were kept in 8 rows : 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8. They were in 8 different colors- Green,Pink,White,Black,Blue,Chocolate, Yellow, Red and in 5 different shapes- Square, Rectangle, Triangle, Oval,Round. Box B is placed immediately above Blue coloured box. D’s colour is neither Black nor Green,but placed on an odd numbered row. There are 4 boxes in between A and Pink coloured box. Two round shaped boxes are placed on an even numbered row. F is in square shape with Red coloured box. H’s shape is neither oval nor Rectangular. Yellow coloured box is placed immediately below oval shaped box. There are 4 boxes in between D and B. G is on the even numbered row but neither row no 4 nor 2. E is kept below H. There are two boxes in between Green and C. A’s shape is neither in Triangular shape nor in Round shape. There arw two boxes in between Black coloured and Triangular shaped boxes. G is in Yellow colour. There are only two boxes below H which is Pink in color. C is in Rectangular shape but neither black nor white in colour.

  1. Which box is yellow in colour?

(A) G

(B) H

(C) C

(D) D


Option: A

  1. Which boxes’ shapes are round?

(A) G n H

(B) H n B

(C) G n B

(D) Only G


Option: C

  1. Which boxes’ shapes are triangular?

(A) E n H

(B) F n E

(C) H n F

(D) None of these


Option: A

  1. In which row Box H is kept?

(A) row 8

(B) row 5

(C) row 4

(D) None of these


Option: D

  1. D’s shape is-

(A) Rectangular

(B) Triangular

(C) Oval

(D) Round


Option: C

  1. Odd one out-

(A) F -Triangle

(B) H- Round

(C) B – Triangle

(D) E – Triangle


Option: D

  1. Which one is true of the following?

(A) A – Red – Square

(B) C – Rectangle – Chocolate

(C) H – Pink – Triangle

(D) All are true


Option: D

Boxes  Shapes  Colors  Rows
A  Square  Red  8
B  Round  Green  2
C  Rectangle  Chocolate  5
D  Oval  White  7
E  Triangle  Blue  1
F  Square  Black  4
G  Round  Yellow  6
H  Triangle  Pink  3

8 people seating in two rows. A,B,C,D are in one row and P,Q,R,S are in another row. They are facing each other. S is not facing D,but seating at one one of the extreme ends. D is facing the neighbour of P. There is one person between A and B. B is not seating at the end. There is one person seating between R and S. Q is facing B.

  1. Which is the true statement from the following?

(A) P is seating between R and S.

(B) Q is seating opposite to A.

(C) P is at the extreme end.

(D) None is true.


Option: C

  1. Who is facing S?

(A) B

(B) C

(C) A

(D) DC


Option: B

  1. Who is facing D?

(A) Q

(B) R

(C) P

(D) S


Option: B

  1. Who are at the extreme end?

(A) A,D

(B) P,C

(C) A,C

(D) Cannot be determined.


Option: C



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