Reasoning Quiz – Puzzle – 30

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of Reasoning Quiz on Puzzle questions for upcoming SBI Clerk, Syndicate & Canara Bank PGDBF exams 2018.


6 movies – Sultan, Thor, Toilet, Coco, Raees,  Justice League were screened at different times – 1pm, 5pm, 8pm on 4 different screens -1, 2, 3, 4 in a multiplex. 2 movies were screened at the same time but on different screen. Justice League and Sultan were screened on the same screen. Toilet and Thor were screened also on the same screen. Neither Toilet nor Sultan was screened at 8pm. Sultan was screened after Raees. Neither Thor was screened at 5pm nor on screen 2. Coco was screened at 1pm. Neither screen 4 nor 3 was opened at 1pm. Sultan was screened on screen 4. Neither Coco nor Thor was screened on screen 1.



  1. Which movie was screened on screen 3?

(A) Raees

(B) Coco

(C) Sultan

(D) None of these



  1. Which movie was screened at 5pm?

(A) Toilet

(B) Raees

(C) Sultan

(D) A and C



  1. Toilet was screened on-

(A) Screen 1

(B) Screen 3

(C) Screen 2

(D) Screen 4



  1. Justice League was screened at –

(A) 5pm

(B) 8pm

(C) 1pm

(D) Cannot be determined



  1. Thor was screened on –

(A) Sreen 3

(B) Screen 2

(C) Screen 4

(D) Screen 1



  1. Pick the true statement-

(A) Toilet – screen 4

(B) Sultan – Screen 3

(C) Justice League – Screen 4

(D) Raees – Screen 2



8 people seating in two rows. A,B,C,D are in one row and P,Q,R,S are in another row. They are facing each other.
S is not facing D,but seating at one one of the extreme ends. D is facing the neighbour of P. There is one person between A and B. B is not seating at the end. There is one person seating between R and S. Q is facing B.


7. Which is the true statement from the following?
(A) P is seating between R and S.
(B) Q is seating opposite to A.
(C) P is at the extreme end.
(D) None is true.




8. Who is facing S?
(A) B
(B) C
(C) A
(D) DC




9. Who is facing D?
(A) Q
(B) R
(C) P
(D) S




10. Who are at the extreme end?
(A) A,D
(B) P,C
(C) A,C
(D) Cannot be determined.




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