Reasoning Quiz – Puzzle – 23

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of Puzzle Quiz for upcoming Syndicate Bank PGDBF, Canara Bank PGDBF & SBI PO exam.


Puzzle 1

IBPS will organize IBPS PO 2018. A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H are applying. They are from different place: Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Ranchi, Pune, Lucknow, Patna. They have exams on 23rd Sept, 24th sept, 30th Sept and 1st Oct(2 people on each date) in two shifts- Morning shift and Afternoon shift.  B and the person from Kolkata have exam on same date. C neither has exam on 30th Sept nor on 1st Oct, but in the morning shift. G and H have examination on same date also. F is neither from Chennai nor he has exam on 1st oct. G’s exam is in the morning shift. People from Pune and Patna have exam on same date and same shift. E is neither from Lucknow nor from Chennai. The person from Chennai has exam on 30th September, morning shift. Only 3 people have exam in the afternoon shift. B’s exam is neither on 30th September nor on 24th September. D and A have exam in the same shift. C is from Delhi and has exam with the person who is from Mumbai. The person from Ranchi has exam on 23rd September with A. G is from Pune and he has exam on the last day.

  1. Who have exam on 30th September?

(A) G and H

(B) D & F

(C) D & E

(D) F & E




  1. Pick out the odd one-

(A) B

(B) E

(C) G

(D) F



  1. H has exam on

(A) 30th September, morning shift

(B) 1st October, morning shift

(C) 1st October, afternoon shift

(D) Cannot be determined




  1. Who is from Lucknow?

(A) F

(B) E

(C) D

(D) None of these




  1. B’s exam was on-

(A) 23rd September, morning shift

(B) 1st October, morning shift

(C) 23rd September, afternoon shift

(D) 1st October, afternoon shift




  1. Which is the true of the following?

(A) B – Ranchi – 23rd September, Morning shift

(B) F – Mumbai – 24th September, afternoon shift

(C) E – Chennai – 30th September, morning shift.

(D) None is true


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Puzzle 2

Read the following information carefully and answer the questions that follow.

Ten persons-P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, and Y are staying in a six-storey hotel from ground floor to fifth floor. Each of them belongs to different state-Assam, Bihar, Delhi, Goa, Gujarat, Kerala, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab and Rajasthan. There is atleast one person on each floor and number of persons staying on any floor is not more than three. R is from Maharashtra and doesn’t stay below S. P is staying on second floor with only one other person who is from Gujarat. W is from Assam and is staying on fourth floor and does not stay with the one who belongs to Bihar. Y who is from Goa is staying alone on first floor. The number of people staying above X is more than the number of people below X. V doesn’t belong to Gujarat and doesn’t stay with Y and neither does he stay on a floor which is adjacent to W’s floor. Two people are staying between the floors S and X are staying in and S is not below the one who is from Maharashtra. T is from Delhi and Q is from Bihar. X is from Rajasthan and stays alone. T is from Punjab.

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  1. Who is from Gujarat?

(A) V
(B) P
(C) U
(D) S
(E) cannot be determined



  1. Who is staying on ground floor and belongs to which state?

(A) X, kerala
(B) V, Madhya Pradesh
(C) V, Kerala
(D) None of these
(E) Cannot be determined



  1. F stays on which floor?

(A) 1st
(B) 2nd
(C) 4th
(D) 5th
(E) cannot be determined



  1. Which of the following statement is definitely wrong?

(A) Q stays on top most floor
(B) The person who is from kerala is staying below the person who is from Rajasthan
(C) U is staying with the person who belongs to Madhya Pradesh
(D) S is staying with two other people
(E) Two persons stay below Y




  1. Which of the following is correct?

(A) S-Punjab-4th
(B) X-Rajasthan-3rd
(C) V-Madhya Pradesh- ground
(D) T-Gujarat-2nd
(E) W-Assam-5th

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