Reasoning Quiz for LIC AAO 2016 – Set 3

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Directions (Q.1–5): Study the following information to
answer the given questions.
In a certain code language, ‘team India played poor in England’
is written as ‘fa do me ra su la’. ‘England played very well’ is written as
‘cha ra fa ti’, ‘seniors played poor cricket’ is written as ‘mo la pho fa’,
‘India bowlers did well’ is written as ‘pic cha su dic’, ‘seniors in very did’
is written as ‘ti pho pic do’.
1. What is the code
for ‘bowlers’?
1) su
2) dic
3) pic
4) cha
5) Either pic or dic
2. What does ‘mo’
stand for?
1) played
2) poor
3) cricket
4) seniors
5) Can’t be determined
3. Which of the
following is the code for ‘poor team did seniors’?
1) cha me pho la
2) pho me la pic
3) su la fa pic
4) la pic dic pa
5) None of these
4. ‘mo su ti ra’
could be a code for which of the following?
1) cricket seniors very well
2) England very in India
3) India cricket very England
4) did very team India
5) None of these
5. Which of the
following may represent ‘seniors bowlers impressed well’?
1) pho su me dic
2) ga pic cha dic
3) cha ye pho fa
4) pho bi cha dic
5) None of these

Solutions – team India played poor in England-fa do me ra su la …(1)
England played very well – cha ra fa ti …(2)
seniors played poor cricket – mo la pho fa …(3)
India bowlers did well – pic cha su dic …(4)
seniors in very did – ti pho pic do …(5)
From (1) and (5), in – do
From (2) and (3), played – fa
From (1) and (2), England – ra
From (1) and (3), poor – la
From (3) and (5), seniors – pho
From (2) and (4), well – cha
From (2), very – ti
From (3), cricket – mo
From (1) and (4), India – su
From (4) and (5), did – pic
From (4), bowlers – dic
From (1), team – me
Directions (Q. 6–10):
Read the information given below and answer the questions.

Six persons, viz Gautam, Khare, Monga, Chatterjee, Rajput
and Prakash plan to go to six different hill stations, viz Kullu, Shillong, Ooty,
Ghum, Shimla and Gangtok. They wish to go in six different months, viz January,
March, May, June, August and December. Two of them want to travel by bus and
two by rail and others are planning to go either by car or by flight. Following
information is also given.
I. Rajput goes to Kullu but neither by air nor by bus.
II. Gautam prefers bus journey but travels neither in August
nor in May.
III. Neither Prakash nor Khare goes either to Shimla or to Ooty.
IV. Ghum is visited in December.
V. Persons going to Shillong and Shimla go by bus and car
VI. Mr Monga goes to Gangtok in March by air but Prakash does
not travel in December.
6. Who among the
following visits Shimla?
1) Khare
2) Gautam
3) Prakash
4) Chatterjee
5) None of these
7. Ghum is visited by
1) Gautam
2) Prakash
3) Khare
4) Chatterjee
5) Can’t be determined
8. Chatterjee visited
1) Bus
2) Rail
3) Can’t be determined
4) Car
5) None of these
9. If Rajput
travelled in June, Gautam must have travelled in
1) January
2) December
3) Can’t be determined
4) August
5) None of these
10. Which of the
following places did Gautam visit?
1) Gangtok
2) Ooty
3) Shillong
4) Kullu
5) Can’t be determined

Solutions –

 Mode of Travel



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