Reasoning Quiz – April, 2015 – Set 8

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is a set of Puzzle for Banking Exams in 2015.

Study the following information and answer the questions
given below it. 

Seven representatives of a University-Samir, Piyali, Anulekha, Sweta,
Devika, Ravi and Nirmalya-travelled to three different countries, i.e., South
Africa, Germany and Italy. Each of them travelled on different days of the week
(no two persons travelled the same day), starting on Monday and ending on
Minimum two people travelled to each country and South
Africa is the only country to which three people travelled. Samir travelled to
South Africa on Monday. Ravi travelled to Germany but neither on Tuesday nor on
Saturday. Nirmalya travelled on Sunday but not to Italy. The one who travelled
to Germany travelled on Tuesday and the one who travelled to Italy travelled on
Saturday. Devika travelled on Wednesday. Anulekha travelled to South Africa but
not on Thursday. Piyali did not travel to Italy.
1. If everyone’s trip
is postponed by one day, who will be travelling on Wednesday?
(a) Ravi
(b) Anulekha
(c) Piyali
(d) Devika
(e) None of the above
2. Who amongst the is
seven representatives travelled on Saturday ?
(a) Sweta
(b) Anulekha
(c) Piyali
(d) Cannot be determined
(e) None of these
3. Which one of the
following combinations is TRUE according to the given information?
(a) Ravi-Thursday- South Africa
(b) Sweta—Wednesday-Italy
(c) Nirmalya-Monday-South Africa
(d) Anulekha-Friday-Germany
(e) None of the above
4. To which country
and on which day did Piyali travel?
(a) Wednesday, South Africa
(b) Friday, Germany
(c) Thursday, Germany
(d) Tuesday, Germany
(e) None of these
5. Who was the last
one to travel?
(a) Anulekha
(b) Nirmalya
(c) Samir
(d) Sweta
(e) None of these
Answers will be posted later. First try to solve on your own.


Team ExamPundit


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