Reasoning Ability Quiz 2017 – New type of Syllogisms | Set 8

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of Reasoning Quiz for upcoming Bank and Insurance Exams.

Directions for Questions 1 to 10: Each
question contains six statements, followed by four options of combinations of
any three of the given sentences. Choose the option in which the combinations
are logically related.
1.   (A) ALL
(B) All those
who eat sausages are not Martians.
(C) All those
who eat sausages are herbivorous.
(D) All
Martians are carnivorous.
(E) All those
who eat sausages are carnivorous.
(F) Martians
are herbivorous.
BCE         (b) ABE
ACD         (d) ACF
2.   (A) All
lotuses have flowers.
(B) All
lotuses have nectar.
(C) All plants
with nectar have flowers.
(D) All shrubs
have lotuses.
(E) All shrubs
have nectar.
(F) Some
lotuses have flowers.
BEF         (b) BCF
BDE         (d) ACF
3.   (A) No
summer is a season.
(B) Some
seasons are summers.
(C) Some
seasons are winters.
(D) No seasons
are winters.
(E) Some
summers are not winters.
(F) All
summers are winters.
DFA         (b) BEF
CEB         (d) DEB
4.   (A) All
falcons fly high.
(B) All
falcons are blind.
(C) All
falcons are birds.
(D) All birds
are yellow.
(E) All birds
are thirsty.
(F) All
falcons are yellow.
ABC         (b) CDF
DEF         (d) BCA
5.   (A) No
nails are wires.
(B) Some hooks
are wires.
(C) All hooks
are nails.
(D) Some wires
are not nails.
(E) No wire is
a hook. 
(F) All nails are hooks.
AED         (b) BCF
BEF         (d) ACE
6.   (A) Some
dabba are cobra.
(B) All dabba
are Chabi.
(C) All cobra
are dabba.
(D) All cobra
are not dabba.
(E) Some chabi
are dabba.
(F) Some chabi
are cobra.
AEF         (b) BCF
ABD         (d) BCE
7.   (A) No
train is a claim.
(B) All heads
are claims.
(C) No head is
a train.
(D) Some heads
are not trains.
(E) Some
trains are heads.
(F) Some
claims are not trains.
ACD         (b) ADF
ABC         (d) CDF
8.   (A) All
balls are Barbie.
(B) All bats
are Barbie.
(C) All bats
are balls.
(D) Some bats
are Barbie.
(E) Some
Barbie are balls.
(F) No ball is
CDE         (b) CEF
ACD         (d) BEF
9.   (A) Some
apartments are not multistories.
(B) Some
multistories are not apartments.
(C) No house
is a skyscraper.
(D) All
multistories are houses.
(E) Some
multistories are apartments.
(F) Some
houses are not apartments.
ACE         (b) BDF
FDA         (d) ACF
10. (A) All
bows are arrows.
(B) No arrow
is a casket.
(C) No bow is
a casket.
(D) Some
caskets are arrows.
(E) Some bows
are caskets.
(F) No casket
is a bow.
BDE         (b) ACB
CDF         (d) ABF


  1. D
  2. C
  3. A
  4. B
  5. D
  6. B
  7. C
  8. A
  9. B
  10. D

Top Scorer(s):

Sourav – 9/9


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