RBI Assistant 2019-20 Revision Strategy


RBI Assistant Exam is at a gap of just a few days and this is just the right time to dedicate to revision. In these days of cut-throat competition, preparation and revision are equally important. Aspirants often tend to side-line revision and just keep practising indefinitely. Toppers and exam experts have often emphasised on devoting the last few days before the exam to revision and not studying any new topic then. Let us dig deep into the revision strategy in this article with five things that a sincere aspirant should take note of and henceforth follow.

Revise these 5 Things Before RBI Assistant 2019-20 Exam.

  1. Attend Online Classes of Quicker Quants Techniques. 
  • Be thorough with the quick calculation techniques so that the Numerical Ability Section can be attempted in the minimum time possible with least amount of pen & paper calculation.
  • Revise cube root & square root of first 50 natural numbers, this will help you solve questions on Simplification & approximation within seconds. It will also aid in solving Miscellaneous arithmetic problems.
  • Attend the Free Class for Simplification & Approximation
  • Memorise the tables up to at least 25. Learn the Quick Calculation Techniques Here.
  • Quick Calculation Techniques will invariably help you in solving DI questions within seconds so that you save up on a lot of time in the paper and attempt maximum question possible in the Numerical Ability section.
  1. Brush up your Grammar Rules.
  • Go through the basic grammar rules to solve questions on error detection/correction and other miscellaneous questions asked in the exam.
  • Attend these free lectures to brush up your English Grammar Rules and also have some practice.
  • Practice Error Spotting and Practice Para-jumbles
  1. Revise the Basic Quants Formulae 
  • Revise the basic formulae of the topics upon which miscellaneous arithmetic questions are asked. (Averages, Percentages, Profit & Loss, SI & CI, TSD, Time & Work) etc.
  1. Practice Puzzles, DI and RCs Type Questions 
  • Now the puzzles and Seating Arrangement question types need extensive practice for one to be able to solve the questions in stipulated time in the exam. Therefore practice 4-5 question sets daily to have a firm grip over the topic.
  • Practice a few sets of Reading Comprehension type questions in these days. RCs are an indispensable part of the English Language section.
  • Data Interpretation Questions will definitely be asked in the Numerical Ability Section. Practising 3-4 sets of DIs would help you a great deal in the exam.
  • Expected Puzzles for SBI Clerk & RBI Assistant and Puzzles Based on Sequence | New Pattern Puzzles
  1. Take up Mock Tests 
  • Attempting at the least 15-20 Mock Tests (in these 8-10 remaining days, you can take 3-4 Mock tests) would be recommended for the aspirant and have a target to achieve 70+ marks in those tests. Seeing the amount of cut-throat competition, it has become necessary to be in the top 90-95 percentile band.
  • After taking up the test, do analyse each question and understand the solution part so that you get the approach to solve those questions.
  • If you find any of the sections namely Numerical Ability, Reasoning Ability or English Language weak and find yourself in a position to not being able to solve questions in any particular section, then you can take up Sectional Tests here and improve your performance.

Trust us if you follow these 5 steps for preparation and you would get through the RBI Assistant Prelims Exam 2019-20. For Free Quants, Reasoning & English Quizzes, Visit Here.

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

All the Best for RBI Assistant Prelims Exam!

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