RBI Assistant 2015 – Interview Experience – OP

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is an Interview Experience of RBI Assistant 2015 shared by Optimus Prime.

Place – Nagpur Office. Time – 15 Minutes.

  1. You have done engineering in Electronics and Communication how is it different from Telecommunication?
  2. Difference between LCD and LED tv?
  3. Explain a chip (IC) in layman’s term?
  4. Analog vs digital devices? Which one is better? why?
  5. Explain the roles of RBI?
  6. Explain any one?
  7. I said Monetary policy management so cross question on that.
  8. What is forex reserve management? Why do we need it?
  9. Diff btw Public and private banks?
  10. Diff btw nbfc and banks?
  11. What is money laundering?
  12. What is priority sector lending? Why do we need it? Does it apply to pvt and foreign banks as well?

There were plenty of Counter Questions.

Thats it and thanks OP for sharing it with us. All the best.

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