Ramon Magsaysay Award 2018 – Winner List


Two Indians — one a psychiatrist who works for the mentally-ill street persons and another whose initiative to harness science and culture creatively for economic progress improved the lives of the Ladakhi youth – were today declared the winners of this year’s Ramon Magsaysay Award.

Bharat Vaswani and Sonam Wangchuk are among six individuals who were declared winners of the award, regarded as the Asian version of the Nobel Prize.

Ramon Magsaysay Award 2018 – Winner List

  1. Youk Chhang, CAMBODIA: Preserving historical memory for healing and justice
  2. Howard Dee, PHILIPPINES: Championing the human face of peace, justice and economic growth
  3. Maria de Lourdes Martins Cruz, EAST TIMOR: Building a caring society brick by brick
  4. Bharat Vatwani, INDIA: Restoring health and dignity to troubled lives
  5. Vo Thi Hoang Yen, VIETNAM: Claiming opportunities for the differently abled
  6. Sonam Wangchuk, INDIA: Harnessing nature, culture and education for community progress



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