Quantitative Questions Asked in NICL AO 2015 – 4th April

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here  are some quantitative aptitude questions asked in today’s NICL AO exam. A big thanks to RK & Anokhi for sharing the questions and kudos to his memory.

  1. There was a questions in profit and loss in which 25% discount was given above marked price and sales tax of 15% charged on it then sold for 6475 what is its cost price?
  2. X and Y invest Rs 18000 and Rs 14000. After 6 months Z joined with a capital which is equal to 3/5th of the total capital of X and Y. After 2 months X withdrew Rs 4000 and Y withdrew Rs 2000.The profit after 10 months is Rs 6500. What is Z’s share.
  3. Two trains start. Train A at (8:00)am and Train B (9:00) am. Their speeds where 64kmph and 56kmph and distance between 2 station is 385km. How many distance train B covered?
  4. Reena’s age 14 years ago is same as present age of Meena. 12 years hence ration of both of their ages is 20:13. What is the ratio of both of their ages after 2 years? {the org ans is exam is 13:9}
  5. The volume of a cylinder is 6723 cubic mts. Its lateral surface area is 2310. What is its height?
  6. The average of 17 no.s arranged in ascending order is 29. If the 1st observation is 15, what is the last observation?

More will be updated!!


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