Quantitative Aptitude Quiz – Mixed Problems


1. Two pipes P1 and P2 can fill a tank in 24 minutes and 30
minutes respectively. If both the pipes are opened simultaneously, after how
much time should P2 be closed so that the tank is full in 20 minutes?

(a) 4 minute 
(b) 5 minute 
(c) 6 minute 
(d) 7 minute 
(e) 8

2. Avishek takes 8 days less than the time taken by Santosh
to finish a piece of work. If both Avishek and Santosh together can finish it
in 7.5 days, then how many days Ravi will take to finish the work alone?
(a) 15 days 
(b) 18 days 
(c) 20 days 
(d) 24 days 
(e) 28 days

3. Charan bought a bat and sold it at a loss of 15 %. If he
had bought it for 20 % less and sold it for Rs.147.2 more, he would have had
profit of 35 %. What is the cost price of bat?
(a) Rs.540 
(b) Rs.600 
(c) Rs.625 
(d) Rs.640 
(e) Rs.720

4. Two equal amounts are deposited in UBI and SBI at same
interest rate 12% p.a. for 7 years and 4.5 years respectively. If the difference
between the interests is Rs.585 then what was each amount?
(a) Rs.1650 
(b) Rs.1750 
(c) Rs.1850 
(d) Rs.1950 
(e) Rs.2050

5. An amount of money grows up to Rs.3136000 in 2 years, and
up to Rs.3512320 in 3 years, on compound interest. What is the rate of interest
per annum?
(a) 5 % p. a. 
(b) 8 % p. a. 
(c) 10 % p. a. 
(d) 12 % p. a. 
15 % p. a.

6. Flipkart sells a headphone for Rs.667, and makes a profit
of 16%. They sell a screen guard of a loss of 10% and in whole process they
make no profit no loss. What was the cost of screen guard?
(a) Rs.900 
(b) Rs.920 
(c) Rs.950 
(d) Rs.980 
(e) None of

7. A mixture contains milk and water in the ratio of 4 : 3
on adding 5 litre of water the ratio of milk and water becomes 9 : 8. Find the
quantity of water in the mixture?
(a) 9 litre 
(b) 15 litre 
(c) 21 litre 
(d) 24 litre 
(e) 27

8. In how many ways can a party of 6 men and 6 women be
seated at a round table, so that no two women are adjacent?
(a) 518400 
(b) 86400 
(c) 14400 
(d) 1440 
(e) 840

9. In a simultaneous throw of 2 dice, find the probability
of getting a total of 9?
(a) 1/6 
(b) 1/36 
(c) 25/36 
(d) 9/36 
(e) 1/9

10. 8 men can complete a piece of work in 15 days and 7
women can complete the same piece of work in 25 days. If all the 8 men and 7
women work together, in how many days will the work get completed?
(a) 7 3/5 days 
(b) 6 2/3 days 
(c) 9 3/8 days 
(d) 9 2/3 days 
(e) 9

11. The perimeter of a sector of a circle of radius 6.5 cm.
is 23.4 cm. What is the area of sector?
(a) 67.6 cm2 
(b) 48.4 cm2 
(c) 33.8
(d) 24.2 cm2 
(e) None of these

12. Length of a hall is 1.5 times its height and its breadth
is 1.2 times its height. The cost of painting the walls at the rate of Rs.14.20
per sq. meter is Rs.1917. Find the cost of carpeting the floor at the rate of Rs.33
per sq. metre?
(a) Rs.1365 
(b) Rs.1485 
(c) Rs.1525 
(d) Rs.1645 
(e) None of

13. A hemispherical container of diameter 48 cm. contains a
liquid. This liquid is to be filled in cylindrical tubes of radius 4 cm. and
height 8 cm. How many tubes are required to empty the container?
(a) 72 
(b) 75 
(c) 84 
(d) 96 
(e) 102

14. What length of cloth 2.7 metre wide will be required to
make a conical tent whose height is 24 metre and the diameter of base is 36
(a) 462.84 metre 
(b) 496.64 metre 
(c) 536.4 metre 
(d) 584.28

(e) 628.57 metre

15. A rectangular field is 120 metre long and 80 metre
broad. A well of 16 metre length and 10 metre breadth is dug inside the field
and mud taken out is spread over the remaining part of the field to a thickness
of 50 cm. What is the depth of well?
(a) 27.5 metre 
(b) 28 metre 
(c) 28.5 metre 
(d) 29 metre 
29.5 metre

Important For: SBI Associates Clerk, LIC AAO, NICL AO, NICL Assistant

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