Quantitative Aptitude Quiz for LIC AAO 2016 – Set 7


Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is a set of Quantitative Aptitude Quiz for LIC AAO 2016.

Directions (Q. 1-5):
In each of the following questions, a question is asked followed by three
statements. You have to study the questions and all the three statements given
and decide whether any information provided in the statement(s) is/are redundant
and can be dispensed with while answering the questions?
1. 8 men and 14 women
are working together in a field. After working for 3 days, 5 men and 8 women

leave the work. How many more days will
be required to complete the work?
A. 19 men and 12 women together can complete the work in 18
B. 16 men can complete two-thirds of the work in 16 days.
C. In a day, the work done by three men is equal to the work
done by four women.
1) Any two of the three together are sufficient
2) B and C only
3) C only
4) B or C only
5) A or B or C
2. Which is the area
of the given right-angled triangle?
A. Length of the diagonal is 5 cms.
B. Perimeter of the triangle is four times its base.
C. One of the angles of the triangle is of 60°.
1) C only
2) A and C only
3) B or C only
4) B and C both
5) A or B or C
3. Three friends X, Y
and Z started a partnership business investing money in the ratio of 5 : 4 : 2

respectively for a period of 3 years.
What is the amount received by X as the share in the total profit?
A. Total amount invested in the business is Rs 22,000,
B. Profit was distributed after a period of 2 years.
C. The average amount of profit earned per year is Rs 2,750.
1) A only
2) B only
3) C only
4) A or C only
5) A or B or C
4. How much time will
the train ‘X’ take to cross another train ‘Y’ running in opposite directions?
A. Train ‘X’ crosses a signal pole in 6 seconds.
B. Ratio of the speeds of trains ‘X’ and ‘Y’ is 3 : 2.
C. Length of the two trains together is 500 metres.
1) A only
2) B only
3) C only
4) A and B only
5) The question cannot be answered even with the information
in all the three statements.
5. What will be the
cost of painting the four walls of a room with length, width and height 5
metres, 3
metres and 8 metres
respectively? The room has one door and one window.
A. Cost of painting per square metre is Rs 25.00.
B. Area of window of 2.25 sq metres is half of the area of the
C. Area of the room is 15 sq metres.
1) A only
2) B and C together
3) A and B together
4) C only
5) All are required to answer the question
6. If Akarsh takes as
much time in covering 12 metres as Ratul takes in covering 20 metres, what is
distance covered by Akarsh
during the time Ratul covers 2.5 km?
1) 1.2 km
2) 1.5 km
3) 1.8 km
4) 2.1 km
5) 3 km
7. There is a
rectangular park of area 1500 sq m. The sum of its diagonal and length is 5 times
breadth. What is the breadth of
the park?
1) 25m
2) 30m
3) 35m
4) 45m
5) 60m
8. In how many ways
can 6 Americans, 5 Indians and 3 Russians be seated in a row so that all the

persons of the same nationality sit
1) 1555200
2) 777600
3) 1036800
4) 3110400
5) 518400
9. In a box there are
5 red and 6 white balls. A ball is drawn out of it and replaced in the box.
Then a ball
is drawn again. What is
the probability that the first ball was red and the second white?
1) 1/30
2) 30/121
3) 1/121
4) 5/121
5) 1/11
10. In what time will
Rs.15625 amount to Rs.24389 at 16% per annum compounded annually?
1) 2 years
2) 3 years
3) 4 years
4) 5 years
5) None of these


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