Quantitative Aptitude Quiz for BOB Manipal, Dena Bank PGDBF 2017 – Set 1

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of Quantitative Aptitude Quiz for BOB Manipal, Dena Bank PGDBF & NICL AO Prelims Exams 2017.

1.Deepak and Deepika 
run a race between points A and B, 5 km apart. Deepak starts at 9 a.m.
from A at a speed of 5km/hr, reaches B and returns to A at the same speed.
Deepika starts at 9.45 a.m. from A at a speed of 10 km /hr, reaches B and comes
back to A at the same speed. At what time does Deepika overtakes Deepak?
a) 10.20 a.m.
b) 10.30 a.m.
c) 10.40 a.m.
d) 10.50 a.m.
e) Cannot be determined
2.Caitlin goes to the supermarket with Rs. 500 in her walet
to buy strawberries. The prices of strawberries have decreased  by 10 % so she could buy 2 kg more with the
amount she had. What was the original price of the strawberries?
a) Rs 30
b) Rs 25
c) RS 27.77
d) Rs 32.33
e) None
3.Anil, Ashok and Ankit are three singers among 7 different
singers, scheduled to sings in a function. What is the probability that Anil
will speak before Ashok who sings before Ankit? ( it is not necessary that they
sing consecutively)
a) 3
b) 2
c) 1/6
d) 5/6
e) 1/7
4. Anil and Sunil have to paint 810 and 900 canvas
respectively in the same period. But Anil completes his work 3 days before time
and Sunil completes in 6 days before time. How many canvas did A paint per hour
if B paints 21 canvas per hour?
a) 45
b) 54
c) 72
d) 100
e) None
5.In Tilak clubhouse, there are as many halls as there are
the number of chairs in each hall and not more than one person can have the
same chair. If the middlemost hall accommodating 25 persons is filled with
71.428% of its capacity, then find the maximum number of persons in the
clubhouse that can be accommodated if it has minimum 20 % chairs always vacant?
a) 500
b) 786
c) 980
d) 476
e) Cannot be determined

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6. A municipality tanker for public use in Nagpur has 3
pipes connected to it. Three taps P, Q and R can fill the tanker in 12, 15 and
20 hours respectively. If P is always open and Q and R are opened for one hour
each alternately, the tanker will be full in?
a) 6.5 hours
b) 7 hours
c) 11 hours
d) 9 hours
e) None
7.Rakesh and Ramesh run a 100 m race, where Rakesh beats
Ramesh by 10 metres. To do a favour to Ramesh, Rakesh starts 10 metres behind
the starting line in a second 100 metre race. They both run at their earlier
speeds. Which of the following is true in connection with the second race?
a) Rakesh and Ramesh reach the finishing line simultaneously
b) Ramesh beats Rakesh by 1 metre
c) Ramesh beats Rakesh by 11 metres
d) Rakesh beats Ramesh by 1 metre
e) None of the above
8. Abram can sow a field in 5 days. He invites Abraham and
Ashley who can sow 3/4th as fast as he can to join him. He also invites Mitch
and Harrison who can sow only 1/5th as fast as he can to join him. If the five
persons sow the same field and start together, how long will they take to
finish the complete sowing of the field?
a) 100/58 days
b) 29 days
c) 112/37 days
d) 47 days
e) None
9.Subham wholesale pvt ltd. , a wholesale agency cheats both
while buying and selling goods. While buying goods from the farmers, they use a
weighing machine that shows 1000g for 1100g . While selling, their machine
shows 1100 g  for 1000g. If they sell goods
at cost price only, determine their profit percentage in the whole transaction.
a) 31%
b) 21%
c) 11%
d) 12%
e) 15.4%
10.Aniket plants 5 trees 
to Sanket’s 3 but in case of Aniket 
only 1 plant survives in 3 plantings while in case of Sanket one plant
survives  in 2 plantings. When 27 plants
planted by Sanket died, number of plants survived in Aniket’s plantings is 
a) 30
b) 60
c) 72
d) 90

e) None

Answers & Explanations:

1. Ans-b
Both Deepak and Deepika are reaching B from A and then
returning . When Deepika overtakes Deepak, the distances traveled by both of
them are equal. Therefore, the times taken by them are inversely proportional
to their speeds.
Let Deepak take t minutes for travel, Deepika overtakes him.
As Deepika started 45 minutes after Deepak he takes t-45 minutes.
=> t/ (t-45) = speed Deepika / Speed Deepak =2
=>t=90 minutes
Therefore Deepika overtakes Deepak at 9 a.m + 90 minutes =
10.30 a.m
2. Ans-c
If the price of strawberries decreases by 10 %, Caitlin
would save 10 % of her money i.e. Rs 50 to buy the same amount as before in Rs
50, she can buy 2 kg more, therefore the current price of 1 kg strawberries is
Rs. 25.
This price is after 10 % deduction. Hence, original price =
25/0.9= Rs 27.77
3. Ans-c
Anil, Ashok, Ankit can be arranged in 3!= 6 ways out of
which only one is favorable.
Probability = 1/6
4. Ans-b
Solve through options
810/54 – 900/75= 3= (6-3=3)
Hence 4 days option b
5. Ans-c
The total persons in each hall= 25x(7/5)=35
Total number of chairs= 352= 1225
Maximum available capacity= 1225X0.8=980 chairs
6. Ans-b
(P + Q)will fill in 1 hour = (1/12 + 1/15) = 3/20 part
(P + Q)will fill in 1 hour = (1/12 + 1/20) = 2/15 part
Part filled in 2 hrs = (3/20 + 2/15) = 17/60
Part filled in 6 hrs = 3 * 17/60 = 17/20
Remaining part = 1 – 17/20 = 3/20
Now, it is the turn of P and Q and 3/20 part is filled by P
and Q in 1 hour.
Total time taken to fill the tank = (6 + 1) = 7 hrs.
7. Ans-d

In first case Rakesh travels 100 m and Ramesh travels 90 m
in the same time.
Therefore, the ratio of their speeds is 10:9
In the second case, Rakesh is travelling 110 m to reach the
finishing line. In the same
time, the distances travelled by both of them will again be
in the same ratio as their old speeds.
Distance Ramesh/Distance Rakesh = Speed Ramesh / Speed
=>Distance Ramesh/110=9/10
=>Distance Ramesh= 99m
Therefore Ramesh has travelled only 99 m when Rakesh reached
the finish
Hence Rakesh beats Ramesh by 1 m.
8. Ans- a
Let the total work = 100 units.
Abram’s one day work = 100/5= 20 units.
Abraham and Ashley’s 1 day work= ¾ x 20 = 15 units
Mitch and Harrison’s 1 day work= 1/5 x 20= 4 units
In one day all of them can do = 20+15+15+4+4= 58 units of
Hence they complete the work in 100/58 days.
9. Ans-b
Let price of 1 g be 1 rupee
They sell 1000g as 1100g
They will sell 1100 g as 1100/1000  x 1100= 1210 g
Which means they get rs 1210
Their profit percentage= [(1210-1000)/1000]x100= 21 %
10. Ans-a
Let the total number of plantings be x
plantings by Aniket= 5/8x
plantings by Sanket= 3/8x
survived plants of Aniket=1/3  of 
5/8  of x=  5x/24
died plants of Sanket= ½ of 3/8  of x= 3x/16
3x/16=27=> x=144

Plants survived  by
Aniket= 5x/24=30


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