Quantitative Aptitude Quiz 2015 – Set 5

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is a set of Quantitative Aptitude quiz.

1. An error of 3% in
excess is made while measuring the side of a square, what is the percentage of
error in the calculated area of the square ?
(a) 9%
(b) 9.09%
(c) 6.09%
(d) 6.00%
(e) 5.09%
2. A door, when
repaired, lost 15% of its length and 12% of its breadth. What is the percentage
of decrease in area ?
(a) 25%
(b) 25.2%
(c) 27%
(d) 27.8%
(e) 13.5%
3. The breadth of a
rectangular field is 45% of its length. If the perimeter of the field is 1160m,
find out the area of the field?
(a) 66500m2
(b) 64000m2
(c) 72000m2
(d) 84000m2
(e) 96500m2
4. A room 8m. 40cm.
long and 4m. 8cm. broad needs to be paved with square tiles, what will be the
least number of square tiles required to cover the floor ?
(a) 384
(b) 595
(c) 604
(d) 712
(e) 800
5. The ratio between
the length and the breadth of a rectangular field is 5:3. If a man cycling
along boundary of the field at the speed of 15 km/hr. completes one round in
9.6 minutes, then what is the area of the field in m2 ?
(a) 244000 m2
(b) 275500 m2
(c) 327500 m2
(d) 337500 m2
(e) 375000 m2
6. An article was
sold for certain price and there was a gain of 50%. If it would have been sold
for Rs80 Less, there would be neither gain nor loss. Find the C.P.?
(a) Rs 100
(b) Rs 130
(c) Rs 160
(d) Rs 150
(e) Can’t be determined
7. A man is walking
around a rectangular park at a speed of 7 km/h. and completes one round in 20
minute. What is the perimeter of the park?(Approximately)
(a) 110 km.
(b) 140 m.
(c) 2.33 km.
(d) 1.35 km.
(e) Data Insufficient
8. In how may ways
‘RECEPTION’ can be written so that vowel and consonant come alternately?
(a) 120
(b) 60
(c) 420
(d) 1400
(e) 2880
9. The perimeter of
the square is same that of a rectangle. If side of square is 14 m, what is the
length of
(a) 14 m.
(b) 28 m.
(c) 7 m.
(d) 14 cm.
(e) Can ‘t be determined
10. The radius of a
circular garden is 13 m. there is a path 2 m. wide outside it. Find the area of
the path
(a) 707 m2
(b) 531 m2
(c) 100 m2
(d) 176 m2
(e) 150 m2


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