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Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of Quantitative Aptitude quiz for upcoming bank exams on Time, Work & Wages.


1. A single petrol tank supplies the petrol to the Lucknow, while the tank is fed by a single pipeline filling the tank with the stream of uniform volume. When the tank is full and if 40,000 liters of petrol is used daily, the supply fails in 90 days. If 32,000 liters of petrol is used daily, it fails in 60 days. How much petrol can be used daily without interruption ?

A) 66000

B) 76000

C) 56000

D) 50000

E) 45000

Answer & Solutions

Option: C


Let x liter be the per day filling and v liter be the capacity of the tank, then

90x + v = 40000 × 90     —– (1)

60x + v= 32000 × 60     —— (2)

Solving eq. (1) and (2), we get

x = 56000

Hence 56000 ltrs can be supplied everyday without interruption.



2. Four pipes A,B, C and D can fill a cistern in 20,25, 40 and 50 hours respectively. The first pipe A was opened at 6:00 am, B at 8:00 am, C at 9:00 am and D at 10:00 am. When will the Cistern be full?

A) 2.09pm

B) 3.09pm

C) 4.09pm

D) 5.00pm

E) 4.00pm

Answer & Solutions

Option: B


Efficiency of P= 5%

Efficiency of Q= 4%

Efficiency of R= 2.5%

Efficiency of S= 2%


Thus, at 10 am pipe P,Q and R filled 30.5% of the cistern.

Now, the time taken by P,Q,R and S together to fill the remaining capacity of the cistern

=69.5/13.5=139/27=5 Hours and 9 minutes(approx)

Therefore, total time =4 hrs + 5hrs 9 mins

= 9 hrs and 9 mins

It means cistern will be filled up at 3:09 pm




3. Pipe A can fill the petrol reservoir in 4 hours, while pipe B can fill it in 6 hours working separately. Pipe C can empty whole the reservoir in 4 hours. Rahul opened the pipe A and B simultaneously to fill the empty reservoir. He wanted to adjust his alarm so that he could open the pipe C when it was half-filled, but he mistakenly adjusted his alarm at a time when his reservoir would be 3/4th filled. What is the time difference between both the cases, to fill the reservoir fully:

A) 54 minutes

B) 32 minutes

C) 20 minutes

D) 15 minutes

E) None

Answer & Solutions

Option: A


In ideal Case:

Time taken to fill the reservoir half by A and B = 50/41.66=6/5 hours

Time taken by A,B and C to fill rest half of the reservoir=50/16.66 = 3 hours

Total time = 6/5  +3= 4 hours 12 min

In second case:

Time taken to fill 3/4 reservoir by A and B =75/41.66=9/5 hours

Time taken by A,B and C to fill rest 1/4 reservoir = 25/16.66=3/2 hours

Total time =9/5 + 3/2=    18+15/10 =3 hours 18 min

Therefore , difference in time = 54 minutes




4. Krishna can reap a field in 20 days, while ram can reap the field in 25 days. They started to reap the field together. Few days later Sudama also joined them and thus all of them completed the whole work in 10 days. All of them were paid total Rs.800. What is the Share of Sudama?

A) 70

B) 80

C) 90

D) 100

E) None

Answer & Solutions

Option: B


Efficiency of krishna = 100/20=5%

Efficiency of ram = 100/25=4%

Thus, in 10 days working together they will complete only 90% of the work.

[(5+4)×10] =90%

Hence, the remaining work will surely done by sudama, which is 10%.

Thus, sudama will get 10% of Rs. 800, which is Rs.80




5. Pipe 1 can fill a tank in 12 hours and pipe 2 can fill in 15 hours, separately. A third pipe 3 can empty in 20 hours. Initially pipe 1 was opened, after one hour pipe 2 was opened and then after 1 hour of opening of pipe2 , pipe 3 was opened. In how many hours tank will fill?

A) 9 2/3 hours

B) 10 hours

C) 6 2/3 hours

D) 5 hours

E) None

Answer & Solutions

Option: A


Pipe 1 eff= 8.33%



When pipe 3 was open, pipe 1 filled 16.66% capacity

Wen pipe 3 opened, pipe 2 filled  6.67% capacity

Therefore rest capcity filled by pipe3= 100-23.34=76.67%

Net eff of pipe 1, 2 and 3 = 10%

Hence 3 pipes will take= 76.66/10=7.66=7 2/3 hrs

Total = 2 hrs= 7  2 /3 hrs= 9  2/3 hours




6. A group of boys decided to do a piece of work in 4 days. But since, 20 boys dropped out everyday, the job completed at the end of 7th day. How many boys were there at the beginning?

A) 240

B) 140

C) 150

D) 280

E) 400

Answer & Solutions

Option: B


Solve through options-  lhs  140 x 4= 140+120+100+…+20)=560= rhs




7. After passing out from a reputed fashion designing academy 5 friends A,B,C,D and E open a fashion store of their own. If 5 of them can design 1800 dresses in 90 days working alternatively, find the minimum possible number of dresses they can design in a single day by working together?

A) 100

B) 20

C) 50

D) 4

E) None

Answer & Solutions

Option: A


Let  A,B,C,D,E  design a, b, c, d, e dresses per day respectively


When a=b=c=d=e we get min value 5×1/a=1/20=>a+b+c+d+e=100




8. In how many days can the work be done by 8 men and 12 women?

(I) 6 men and 5 women can do the work in 6 days

(II) 3 men and 4 women can do the work in 16 days

(III) 18 men and 15 women can do the work in 5 days.

Which of the statements I, ii, iii are required to answer the above question?

A) 2 only

B) All the three

C) Any one of the 3

D) Any 2 of the 3

E) None

Answer & Solutions

Option: D


Any of the 2 statements will give 2 equation in x and y which can be solved simultaneously. For example I and ii give     6x+5y=1/6

And 3x+4y=1/16



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