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Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of Quantitative Aptitude Quiz on Profit & Loss problems for Bank Exams.


1. A juice vendor mixes 10% water in pure juice but he is not happy with the gain so he mixes 10% more water in the previous mixture and sells it at cp. What is his gain %?

A) 11.11%

B) 20%

C) 12.%

D) 21%

E) None

Answer & Solutions

Option: D


Let us assume he has 100 l juice.

After adding 10 % extra water new amount of juice= 110l

Again adding 10% water, new juice= 121 l



2. A wholesaler sells toys at a profit of 20% to a seller and the seller sells it to a boy at profit of 25%.what is profit percentage of the boy?

A) 25%

B) 20%

C) 36%

D) 54%

E) Cannot be determined

Answer & Solutions

Option: A


Its obvious the answer is 25 % . no need of any calculation but during exams, we feel like it must not be that simple and sometimes start calculating and waste  time.


3. A smuggler earns 25% profit on all his transactions. Once 25% of his consignment was abducted by another rival smuggler. Trying to compensate his loss he sold the rest at a higher selling price up by 20%. What is his new profit or loss percent?

A) 10% loss

B) 12.5% loss

C) 12.5% profit

D) 11.11% loss

E) 11.11 %profit

Answer & Solutions

Option: C


Let cp of one article be rs 1

Sp = rs 1.25

Again new sp = (1.25*1.2)=1.5

If he initially sells 100 articles, cp = 100*1=rs 100

Sp = 100*1.25= rs 125

New sp = 75*1.5=112.5 ( as 25% articles were lost)

New gain %= 12.5 %


4. Cello pens produce very fine quality of writing pens. The manufactures know that on an average 10% produced pens are always defective and are rejected before packing. The manufacturer promises to deliver 7200 pens to a wholesaler at rs 10 each. The overall estimated profit is 25%. What is the manufacturing cost of each pen?

A) 6

B) 5.6

C) 7.2

D) 8

E) None

Answer & Solutions

Option: C


Only 90% of the manufactured pens are delivered for sale.

Let M be the manufacturing cost of each pen.

Total income including profit=(8000*M)*1.25

This income is obtained by selling 90% manufactured pens at rs10 i.e. 7200*10.

Hence (8000*M)*1.25=7200*10



5. Anil sells a bouquet to Bipin at 4/5th rate of profit at which bipin sells it to Chandan. Further, Chandan sells it to Dinesh at half the rate of profit at which anil sold it to Bipin. If Chandan earns a profit of10% by selling it to Dinesh for Rs 2805. What is the cost price of bouquet for Bipin?

A) 1896

B) 2040

C) 1680

D) 2000

E) None

Answer & Solutions

Option: B


Chandans profit=10%

Anils profit=20 %

Bipins profit=25%


6. Pinky and Sandy invested some money in an investment bank in ratio of 3:5 for same time period. They decided that at end of year 20% of the profit would be donated to an orphanage. Out of the remaining 75% to be reinvested and rest of profit to be divided as interest for their capitals. If the difference in their shares is Rs 1200. Find the total profit?

A) 18000

B) 12000

C) 24000

D) 58000

E) None

Answer & Solutions

Option: C


Let total profit = Rs 100

Amount left after donation= 80

After reinvestment=20

Now 5x/8   – 3x/8=1200

Where x is the amount left after reinvestment



Total profit=4800×5=24000


7. Edosys group launched a new project in January 2010. The group produced 10000 units for Rs 120000. It sold 20% of these units freely as specimen and 25% of the rest are sold at 25% discount and rest at 16.66% discount whose manufacturing cost was Rs 12 per unit. What is the overall gain or loss in first month production of the product, if the product could not realize income from advertisements and other sources?

A) 56%profit

B) 35% loss

C) 16.66% profit

D) 38%profit

E) None

Answer & Solutions

Option: B


total cost= Rs 120,000

total sale  or revenue= 2000*9+6000*10=78000



8. Prince Shoes sells their shoes whose prices i.e. cost prices and selling prices are multiplies of either 13,14,15,16,17,18 or 19 starting from Rs 399 to 699 ( 1.e- 399=<CP/SP=<699). What can be the maximum profit of the company?

A) Rs 292

B) Rs 398

C) Rs 298

D) Rs 300

E) None

Answer & Solutions

Option: C


Maximum possible profit=max possible difference between sp and cp.

Means max sp and min cp

Cp min= Rs 399

19m=399, m is an integer

Sp max= 699..let us take it as 697 ( approx for easier calculation)

697 =17k, k is an integer

So max profit= 697-399= Rs 298


9. Kasturilal marks up his goods by 80% and gives discount of 25%. Besides , he also weighs 10% less amount while selling his goods. What is his net profit?

A) 50%

B) 35%

C) 45%

D) 55%

E) None

Answer & Solutions

Option: A


Let actual price of 1 g goods= Rs 1

He sells goods equal to 90 Rs only ( 10 g less)

Again marked price = Rs 1.8 and sp= 1.35 for 1 g

Thus he gives goods worth Rs 90 and takes Rs 135 after 25 % discount

Thus profit= 135-90/90 × 100= 50%


10. A shop named Delightful Sweets marks the prices of sweets at 40% and sell only 40% of those at his price. They sell half of the rest at 14 2/7% and rest at discount 25%. What is the net profit of delightful sweets?

A) 26.5%

B) 23.5%

C) 30%

D) 28.6%

E) None

Answer & Solutions

Option: B


Let number of sweets = 100

Cp of each sweet= Rs 1

Total cp = Rs 100

Total sp = 40*1.4+30*1.2+30*1.05=123.5

Profit% = 23.5%



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