Online Psychological and Aptitude Test for RRB NTPC Exam | Provided by RRB

Hello and welcome to exampundit. RRB is providing a Free Online Psychological and Aptitude Test for the RRB NTPC 2015-16.

Click here to take the Test >

Some of the tests are:

  1. Building Memory Test
  2. Picture Picture Test 
  3. Track Memory Test
  4. Memory of objects
  5. Picture Number Association Test
  6. Map Memory Test
  7. Following Direction 1
  8. Following Direction 2
  9. Following Direction 3
  10. Number Matching 1
  11. Number Matching 2
  12. Observation Test 1
  13. Observation Test 2
  14. Mechanical Comprehension Test
  15. Intelligence Test
  16. Information Ordering
  17. Numerical Ability
  18. Attention Test
  19. Spatial Scanning

And many more…

Thanks  Sourav!


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Team ExamPundit

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