One Word Substitution Quiz 2015 – Set 1

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is a set of Vocabulary questions for SSC and Bank Exams.

1. A room where dead
bodies are kept for postmortem—
(A) Mortuary
(B) Matinee
(C) Obituary
(D) Matlin
2. A man who amuses
himself by lovemaking—
(A) Pacifist
(B) Bohemian
(C) Epicurean
(D) Philanderer
3. To turn out of
society or fellowship—
(A) Cauterize
(B) Ostracize
(C) Resuscitate
(D) Rusticate
4. Easy to mould—
(A) Pliable
(B) Malleable
(C) Prone
(D) Tractable
5. One who is breaker
of idols—
(A) Iconoclast
(B) Renegade
(C) Escapist
(D) Impostor
6. A formal written
charge against a person for some crime or offence—
(A) Conviction
(B) Indictment
(C) Exculpation
(D) Inculcation
7. Incapable of being
(A) Eligible
(B) Illegible
(C) Obsolete
(D) Obsolescent
8. A lady’s purse
(A) Parasol
(B) Pantomime
(C) Reticule
(D) Vestibule
9. A new word coined
by an author—
(A) Neologism
(B) Syllogism
(C) Aberration
(D) Deviation
10. Moving from place
to place—
(A) Peripatetic
(B) Postulating
(C) Hortatory
(D) Circumlocution


Team ExamPundit


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