NIACL or the New India Assurance Co. Ltd. is one of the largest General Insurance Company in India owned by the Indian government. In 2018, NIA would recruit newer candidates for Assistant Class III.

Only the top qualified candidates would be selected for the NIACL jobs by the authorities. There will be Tier I and Tier II exams conducted, to select the eligible aspirants.

NIACL Assistant Job Profile:

Clearing the 3-phase selection process will get you posted as NIACL Assistant . The location posted would be anywhere in India, based on the company requirements.

As per the policies of the company, the chosen candidate should complete the probation period of 6 months, immediately after joining. In case of failure in the performance during the probation, it will be extended for another 6 months.

During the initial days, the candidate would not be dealing with the customers or public, however, they would take up major tasks such as issuing policies, Account related entries, claims.

NIACL Assistant Salary:

People working in metropolitan cities will have a take-home salary of Rs. 23500/- per month. There will be other allowances provided as per NIACL norms. Following are the added allowances:

  • Large amount of family medical benefit.
  • Group Medi-claim policy
  • Leave travel subsidy
  • Other staff welfare schemes
  • Accommodation provided by the company or lease accommodation is availed

 NIACL Assistant Mock Test:

Aspirants need to follow the exam pattern and the NIACL Assistant syllabus and set a preparation strategy. Keep a note of the exam dates for Prelims and the Mains. As Prelims is the qualifying exam, you should focus well on the syllabus.

Aspirants need to plan and set an effective time-table for each subject. After each subject, you should attempt practice tests. Analyse the weak areas and work for the improvement.

As you get more confidence, it is time to attempt the NIACL Assistant mock test . It helps you to manage the time for answering each section. Online mock test series can also be attempted, as you could get different questions.

We will now look at the prospects of SBI Clerk:

If you are a graduate, looking for a secure career in Banking sector, SBI gives you an opportunity to make your wish come true by Cracking SBI Clerk Prelims and the Mains exams. Let us help you out with this!

To prepare for any Bank exam, you need to get the exam pattern and the SBI Clerk syllabus, and not to forget about noting down the exam dates. You could either choose the regular coaching centres or refer the books and do a self-study.

Assess your weak areas or subjects and manage the time. Start with the easier subjects, so you could spend more time on the weaker topics later.

After each section, take practice tests. You could refer the previous years’ question papers and solve them. Analyse the questions you answered wrongly and find the ways to solve them in a better way.

Note that you may not have much time before the ‘Big Day’ as you need to keep some time for the mock test series and revision.

You can solve the SBI Clerk Mains test series by referring corresponding books with question papers and answer keys, or find them online.

There are booklets available to prepare for both the Prelims and the Mains:

Following are the features of test series booklets for Prelims:

    • 10 Mock-Test Booklets of SBI Clerk Prelims 2018 Exam for Rs. 349/- only
    • The booklets comprise questions in both Hindi and English Language (except for the section of  English Language). You can easily practice as per your preference of language medium


  • Solutions are provided in detail for each test series


  • Based on the latest pattern for SBI Junior Associate Exam Prelims 2018
  • No need to have heavy books or bundles. Each Booklet is separate, so you can carry it and practice with ease.

Here are some features of test series for Mains exam:

  • 10 Mock-Test Booklets of SBI Clerk Mains exam
  • The booklets comprise questions in both Hindi and English Language (except for the section of English Language). You can easily practice as per your preference of language medium
  • Solutions are provided in detail for each test-series
  • It is based on the latest pattern for SBI Junior Associate Exam Prelims 2018


Let us look at the job profile of SBI Clerk.

SBI Clerk Job Profile:

In any Bank, the Bank Clerk is the first point of contact for a customer to address the queries and for guidance. The role of an SBI Clerk is quite flexible. Here are the duties of SBI Clerk:

Duties of SBI Clerk Junior Associate (Customer Support & Sales)

  1. Talking to customers and resolve their problems and queries, giving them the right guidance.
  2. Manning the deposit/withdrawal counters i.e. play the part of a Single Window Operator. You will have to be comfortable with all financial instruments such as cheques, demand drafts, challans and vouchers.
  3. Taking responsibility of the accounts of the customer by verifying and signing relevant documents, counter-signing and clearing cheques and drafts.
  4. Working on documentation and back-office work such as maintaining the ledgers, balance tallying, data entry etc.
  5. Marketing the financial products of the Bank such as loans, schemes, deposits, funds, etc.
  6. Making calls to the customers for selling the banking services, advisory services and cross-selling the products of the bank inside and outside the bank premises. This requires extensive outdoor travelling.

SBI Clerk Salary:

As per the notification of SBI Clerk, total benefits of a Clerical personnel employee payable at a metropolitan city would be around Rs.20950/- per month, which includes D.A and other allowances at current rate.  

  • Pay-band in Class Y cities: Rs. 20,000/-
  • Pay-band in Class Z cities: Rs. 19,000/-

Junior Agricultural Associates would receive a special pay by Rs.490 per month.
Other benefits include Provident Fund, Gratuity, and Pension under NPS, Medical, Leave Fare and more.

Now, let us compare NIACL Assistant and SBI Clerk.

Which is better? NIACL Assistant or SBI Clerk:

In case of comfort and relaxation of work, following are the factors that make NIACL Assistant a better job profile:

    1. Less job burden
    2. Working days are for 5 days
    3. Late promotion
    4. Late transfers


However, when it comes to personality and better earning post and salary package, SBI Clerk is a better choice, because of the following reasons:

  1. More workload
  2. Public interaction
  3. 6 days of working with 2nd & 4th Saturdays being off.
  4. Quick promotion
  5. Quicker transfers
  6. Selling services, achieving targets and facilities included with every promotion

Every job profile has its own difficulties but yet include some useful benefits. NIACL Assistant and SBI Clerk are jobs in different industries. The additional benefits are based on the performance shown by the employee during the tenure.

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