NIACL Assistant 2017 – Strategy to Score Maximum in Prelims with 2 weeks Plan

As you all know, only few days are left for NIACL Assistant
exam 2017
. It is one of the most awaiting opportunity in
2017 for all government job aspirants. It is the first exam that is going to be
held after the results of IBPS PO and clerk. Those aspirants who could not
succeed in IBPS exams, it is another good opportunity that can land you in a
government job. We are presenting here the strategy for the better preparation
of NIACL Assistant 2017 prelims. Following the topic management and time
management strategy which we have provided, along with the constant practice,
you can excel in to this exam.
This section has
35 questions in which every question is of 1 mark. This is the section which
takes maximum time but it can give you maximum marks too.
For these 35 questions, you need to give 20-25 minutes. In these 20-25
minutes, first you should attempt those topics in which you are very good at
and also those questions which take comparatively less time. Those topics which
are easier to solve are as follows:
  • Simplification /approximation (5-10 questions)
  • number series (5 questions)
  • quadratic equations/Inequality (5 questions).

Attempting these
topics correctly will give you 15 marks in prelims.
Now you should focus to the DI part. There are normally 10 questions of
DI in prelims exam. DI is all about clarity of basic concepts of percentage,
ratio, profit loss etc. and more and more practice. So practice questions of
these topics more.
After attempting these topics of 25 marks in prelims, you can go to the
miscellaneous / Language problem questions. There are 10 questions of language
problem, which includes following topics:
  • Profit loss,
  • Average,
  • SI & CI,
  • Ratio & proportion,
  • Boats & streams,
  • Speed, time & distance ,
  • Time & work
  • Probability etc.

In prelims, you
should focus more on accuracy rather than attempts. If you have attempted 25
question in quant with a good accuracy , you are at a safer side.
Now , as only two
weeks are left for this exam , try to revise 
two topics daily . Practice new kinds of questions of data
interpretation. Tables from 1-30 , Squares up to 1- 50 and cubes up to 1-30
should be at your fingertips. Practice the multiplication , addition tips and
tricks. This all will help you in faster calculation during exam. Nothing but
the practice will sail you on the other side in this exam.
This section consists of 35
question in which every question is of 1 mark. You should give 20 minutes to
this section.
Coming to the topic management
in this section, following are the topics which will fetch you maximum marks in
lesser time:
  • Inequalities (3-5 questions),
  • Alpha-numeric number series (5
  • coding – decoding (5
  • Blood relations (2-3
  • Ranking (1-2 questions),
  • Direction (2-3 questions),
  • syllogism (3-5 questions)

These are the topics which are easy to score provided you are good at
the basic concepts of these topics. Sometimes the questions from these topics
are bit complicated, but if you are good with the concepts  , you will attempt these in lesser time. Attempt
these mentioned topics at first while solving the reasoning ability with utmost
accuracy and you can easily score 20 – 25 marks.
Other than these, remaining
topics for reasoning section are:
  • Puzzles,
  • Seating Arrangement,
  • Machine input/output
  • Logical reasoning

All these topics are all about presence of mind.
You can never say which type of puzzle or seating arrangement will come in
exam. Accuracy and time management is at risk in these topics. You can give 10
minutes to a puzzle and still it’s possible that you will not be able to find
the answers. So always attempt these topics at last in this section in order to
clear the cut-off of reasoning in prelims.
For the remaining days,
sharpen your basic concepts of mentioned chapters. Solve new kind of tough
puzzles and again practice is the key to perfection.
This section consists of 30
questions in which each question is of 1 mark. You should dedicate 15 minutes
for English section ideally. If you are excellent in English , 10 -12 minutes
for you would be enough. If you are not so good in English then you need to
give 15-18 minutes.
In English section of prelims
, first you should first focus on attempting questions from following topics as
these topics consume less time :
  • cloze test
  • error spotting
  • fill in the blanks
  • Antonyms / synonyms

After this, attempt questions
  • sentence improvement
  • sentence correction,
  • Para jumbles  

Then attempt reading comprehension.
For attempting the questions of reading comprehension accurately, the best
technique is to read the whole passage thoroughly at a glance. Then attempt
questions of the comprehension. In this way, you can quickly relate the
questions to paragraphs.  
Also, some new types of
questions are being introduced in exams, such as paragraph completion,
restatement. Solve these question in order to be familiar with them.
In English section, learn all
the grammar rules and error spotting rules religiously. These will help you in
every topic of English section.  Also ,
do not forget to read  English newspaper
daily . This will sharpen your reading skills and will enhance your vocabulary
, which is another most important thing to excel in this section.
In Prelims exam , the most
important thing is accuracy . Because prelims exam is only of qualifying nature,
more number of attempts does not matter much. Also, Do not attempt those
questions which are very time consuming, as you have only 1 hour for these 3
sections. Just make sure to clear overall as well as sectional cut-off of each
subjects by attempting questions with utmost accuracy.
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All the
best for your exams..