My Story – Tough Times Never Last But, Tough People Do! – “Bahubali”

Hello and welcome to exampundit . Here is the hear-touching story of our very own, Bahubaali aka KAPIL 🙂
Tough Times Never Last But, Tough People Do! – “Bahubali
An ordinary child, borned in a
lower-middle class family, did schooling in pure Hindi medium government school
so called “khichdi school” having only bright side that he was average in
studies and had in-built leadership quality from childhood itself (was Head-boy
of school) after a lot of struggle, finally selected in LIC as AAO and PO in
SBI. This boy was no other than your very own “Bahubali”.

& family background
I borned in
a typical joint family having 14 members. My maternal grandmother named me
“KAPIL” on the name of vedic sage ‘KAPILA’.  I’ve two sisters and one elder brother. My
grandfather used to pull hand-cart (Thela) to transport goods. My father is a
small shopkeeper & my mother is a housewife.
My struggle:
I didn’t get any formal basic
education (like nursery, KG, PREP….whatever), directly enrolled in class 1 in a
govt. school. Sometimes, my parents were not able to feed us three times. I
bought a 2nd hand bicycle when I was in class 7th and
used to go to school which was approximately 12Km from my home. During class 11th
and 12th, I used to ride cycle almost 30-35km daily for school and
tutions. My elder brother started giving tutions when he was in class 11th
itself. When I passed class 10th, I wanted to study in a public
school. But, my father refused to do so. Then, it was my brother who took care
of my studies. When I was in class 12th, my brother selected as PO
in Andhra bank. This was the turning point of my life/my family.
I, myself, started giving tutions
from 2012. I completed my graduation in 2014 & enrolled myself in M.Sc.
course. But the course curriculum & teaching methods used in university was
so poor that I started taking interest in solving Maths and Reasoning problemss
given by other students who were preparing for other competitive exams. Secondly,
I had M.Sc. classes from 10am to 3.30 pm and from 4.30 pm, I used to give
tutions till 7.30 pm. So, it was very tough for me to handle all these and
simultaneously prepare for other things. After 5-6 months, I realized it a
total waste. In Feb 2015, I quitted M.Sc. course. Till April 2015, I had maked
up mind to start preparing for banking exams. And, from 14th May, my
journey began.
Journey after 14th may 2015
& exams given
I started preparation seriously with
full force. I was avg. in Maths & Reasoning but English & GA/FA/CA used
to give me nightmares. The 1st exam I appeared was SBI PO pre (held
on 27th June 2015). I attempted 51 questions. Result came & I
got 27 marks. This was the biggest shock for me bcoz I was in a belief that
yes, my preparation was okay!!
Things got changed after that
result. I changed my strategy. Made separate plans for each subjects &
worked on it. 2nd exam was LIC ADO (held on 25th July
2015). I attempted 111/150 & got 71 marks. Marks improved from 1st
exam but result status was same. But, one thing was good. I got 40/50 in maths +
reasoning. One thing was clear – “I have to work hard in GA & Eng.”   
That was RBI assistant exam. I was
fearful bcoz I was well aware of apex cutoff of this exam. I attempted 164/200
& got 137/200. Cut off was 169 (even I didn’t attempt that much).
4th exam was SSC cgl
2015. I attempted 152/200 & got only 105/200. But this was the 1st
exam I cleared.
feel ho raha tha..mano job mil gaya ho !!!! doston k sath party hui..aur khub
maze kiye
5th exam was IBPS RRB PO
exam 2015. I attempted 124/200 & got 89 only. Result status – FAILED
It was IBPS RRB Clerk exam 2015. I
attempted 155/200. I was in full confidence that I will surely get an interview
call. But result came as a great shock for me. I was not only failed but scored
badly 94/200. I was not able to digest it. I was expecting 125+. Didn’t know –
what happened!!!
After RRB
results, main toot chukka tha..ab himmat nhi bachi thi aur preparation karne
ki.. maine khud ko 1 room me kaid kar liya tha.. 2-3 din kisi se kuch nhi
bola.. after 3 father came to my room & asked – what happed to me
?? I told all these things and said – “mere kismat
mei nhi hai naukari karna..hamse nhi hoga !!”
He told me
– Mugal emperor Akbar ne apni aatma-katha “aain-e-akbari” mei likha hai –
Wahi kaanoon-e-fitrat hai..jise
taqdeer kahte hain..
Jise kismet samajhte hain…wo tadweero
ka haasil hai…!!!
He gave me
strength so that I came back to fight again.
After 2 days, I had IBPS PO PRE
2015 exam. I just revised all things that I had studied. Went to exam
hall…given exam calmly. I attempted 60/100. At late 11PM, result came & I
was selected for mains. Got 49.75/100.
After 20-25 days..there were two
big exams. 1st, SSC CGL tier 2 2015, to be held on 25th
oct and 2nd, IBPS PO MAINS 2015 – To be held on 31st Oct.
I studied like hell.
For SSC CGL tier 2, I gave 8
tests for both.. given exam…attempted 280/400. Got 230/400. Failed by big
10.  For IBPS PO MAINS, I had given almost 20-25 tests. I practiced almost
everything. Went to exam hall.. Reasoning paper was super tough for me. I
attempted just 13. Total attempts – 101/200. Result came & wow…… I was
selected for interview..I was very happy. After interview – marks came & it
was just above cutoff – 89/200. All hopes shattered..  
L only hope was – interview went
well !!!!
11.  Then IBPS CLERK PRE 2015 – Attempted 89/100, got 88/100
This was the time when I came to know
a wonderful site “”. I was doing random Google search and I found
it. At first look, its name “Exampundit” looked so funny that I could not
resist myself to click that link. I was searching for IBPS clerk pre review.
At that post, when I entered in
comment section, there was a question
where is today’s exam review?”
The reply was so honest – “As
today, we didn’t get sufficient reviews. We will publish a composite review
Main sochne pe majboor ho gya. Kya aaj
v aisi sites hain jahan itna honest reply diya jata hai !! I liked that comment
very much and so Exampundit site. After that day, to participate myself in
daily ATM page at 11am, became my daily routine. And I was so fortunate that a
day came when Anubhab sir made me “Mentor”.
Thank you Anubhab sir J J
12.  IBPS CLERK MAINS 2015 – Attempted 161/200. Got 139/200. Failed final
selection by 6 marks.
13.  This was SIDBI Asst. Manager exam. Just after 2 days of my IBPS PO
interview. As whole focus was on interview, so, I hadn’t prepared much. Given
exam.. attempted 156/200. Result came.. I was selected for interview. Interview
was avg. when final result came.. I was in waiting list.(still waiting to clear
that list)
14.  After that much exams.. one thing I came to know – “if you want final
selection, you will have to perform well in written itself. Bcoz no one knows
what is going to happen in interview.” Prepared hard for lic. Took advices from
many aspirants (I will recall particular names in my next article). For GA,
solely depended on Exampundit. Exam was good. Attempted 108/120. Expected marks
were 250+.
15.  Unemployment was so brutal to me that I had to give Laxmi vilas bank PO
exam. Attempted 119/150. Was expecting interview call.. but didn’t get. Don’t
know why ???
Finally D-Day, 1st April
2016, arrived. It was expected that result would be declared at 10am. I got
ready at sharp 8am. Worshiped & took light breakfast & sticked to
phones/laptop. I saw PO result by 1 pm. Heart broke into pieces. Tears rolled
down. I cried like hell. In evening, got news that I failed in clerk also. Dil
k dard aansuon mei bah rahe the.. khud ko bahut tanha mahsus Kar raha tha..
Ki dil pe baan chalte hain…mohabbat ruthta hai jab..
Ye aanshu bah nikalte dil tut-ta hai jab..
Tumhe paane ki koshish mei…meri saari khubi thi kam..
Ki tanha rah gaya hu ab…bahut tum yaad aate ho !!!!!
Kahte hota hai..acche k liye hota hai.. ussi din LIC AAO written ki result
aai.. & I was selected for interview.
I had a new hope for life. Took a
5-6 days break from studies. Did necessary introspection & returned with
double energy. Prepared almost everything for interview bcoz this time, I
wanted to get it at any cost. Given interview. It was Avg. to good.
16.  Then, NABARD grade A exam. Qualified pre exam with 137/200 attempts.
Didn’t appear for mains bcoz of UIIC exam.
17.  Then, SBI clerk exam. I wanted to remove my “unemployed” tag. Cleared SBI
clerk pre exam easily. Attempted 88/100 & got 87.50/100.
18.  UIIC AO & NABARD grade A mains was on same day. I preferred to appear
for UIIC AO. Attempted 150/200. Was expecting interview call. But, didn’t get
it. Reason – still finding !!!
19.  All I wanted to get a sure-shot seat. Appeared in SBI CLERK mains with
167/190 attempts. Expecting 150+
20.  Again backed to same exam from which I had started – SBI PO. Prepared hard
for pre exam. Given 30+ online/offline tests. This time I was confident that I
would take revenge of last year for sure. Attempted 70/100 & got 64.75/100.
Crossed cut off boundry by huge margin.
21.  Now time for mains exam. Again prepared hard. Covered almost everything
that was asked last year. But, in actual exam, pattern was totally changed.
Somehow, I managed to attempt 87/155 with avg. descriptive. But, its result took
me to a great surprise as I was selected for interview. Don’t know – how ??? 😛
22.  Next was SSC CGL 2016, TIER 1. I performed exceptionally bad. Attempted
just 65/100 with 3 sure wrong in GK.
23.  Now, time was for the toughest exam in Indian banking – RBI GRADE B exam.
Cleared prelims easily with 119/200 attempts. Got 109/200. (But, didn’t appear
for mains as I had medical formalities for LIC AAO on the same day.)
24.  On 6th September, I had SBI PO GD+interview. I was very fearful
specially because of GD. Also, I selected language as ‘English’ though I am not
fluent in speaking English. Entered in GD hall and it went fantastic. Presented
2-3 strong points and luckily got chance to conclude. But, interview was just ‘
bakwaas’. It was my worst interview ever. Became very sad as it was clear –
“I’m not going to make in final list.”
Finally, on 7th September
2016, best day came in my life. Around 1:30 pm, I came to know that I was
selected in LIC as AAO. After seeing my name in pdf, I became speechless. At
that moment of time, I was with my best friend. I hugged him tightly…just said
“ bhai..mera LIC mei ho gaya” & cried together for around 15 minutes. We
both were speechless. Then we came back in real world. I thanked god for giving
me such a great day. Informed my family. Fir to jaise party shuru hi ho gayi…
GOT – 50
FINAL SCORE – 312/360
7th September, I had a series of get-togethers, parties and all. On
30th evening, I was in restaurant celebrating birthday of one
friend. As SBI PO result was to be declared, I had also an eye on SBI site.
Finally, final pdf came and I got my roll number in it. We all shouted so loud
that restaurant manager had to come and ask “what happened sir?? :P”, The
biggest day in my life. I had cleared toughest exam ever of Indian banking
history after RBI grade B.
At last, I just want to say – “There
is no shortcut of success”. You will have to work hard in order to achieve your
goal. But in this journey, you need a Mentor like Anubhab sir and a platform
like Exampundit.
I’ve two points
to show you
In order to be in race, you will
have to improve yourself. It may possible that initially you score less marks.
But don’t lose hope. In very 1st exam, I got 27(SBI PO PRE 2015) and
converted it to ~65(SBI PO PRE 2016). But, it took 1 year.
Try to find out loop holes or weak
pints and work on it. At least try to bring your weak zones up to avg. level. I
know this is not easy. But this is for your future, your entire life. Will you
not put some extra effort to uplift your level. Initially, I fear to cross
English sectional (kabhi sure nhi hota tha ki pass karunga ya nhi). But I
worked for it and see – I crossed SBI PO MAINS 2016 English paper (I think
toughest English paper I’ve ever seen) easily. But some things take time, you
have to be patient.
So..soch lo..karna kya hai.. aur
thaan lo..
“Jab tk phodenge nhi…tb tk chhodenge

publish my subject wise strategy in a separate article soon!!
That’s all!
Team ExamPundit