Motivational Monday Season 2 Episode 1

When we were kids we all heard, thode bade ho jao fir sab samjh jaoge.

Then we came to middle school, parents said beta bas high school ache marks se pass kar lo then life will be easy. Hum bhi lag gaye, bhai ache number lane hain warna zindagi bhar rona padega. Then came the stream selection dilemma-Science, commerce or arts. Bas do saal ki baat hai, zindagai ka direction clear ho jayega beta. Choose your stream wisely. School k baad to waise bhi life mast ho jani hai.


Fir lag gaye humdin raat padhai, projects, internals, unit tests, boards aur patanahi kya kya. When we got out of school, then started the college selection, graduation subject selection spree and introduction to the real world. But somewhere in our heads we still believed that college me placement acha mil jayega to life set ho jayegi humesha k liye. To ek baar fir lag gaye hum, apni life set karne ki koshish me. Jab college se nikal k duniya ka saamna kiya tab mummy papa ki wo baat samajh aayi ki beta thode bade ho jao sab samajh aajayega. But you know what one thing that was common for all of us, the hardships of life. Even the ones with a placement letter in their hand had handful of hardships waiting for them.

So the story of everybody’s life can be summarised in just two words – Hope and belief.

Hope that was given to us by others that if we did certain things, life will be good for us in future and belief that if we did this in our life, our future will be good. This vicious circle started right from our childhood. And trust me no one has been able to get out of it. We are forever trapped. And you know what the irony is, Jab college khatam ho jaata hai na tab samajh me aata hai ki yaar ye to never ending hai. Aaj life ki ye demand hai to ye karo kal kuch aur hogi to hum uske peeche bhagenge. But we will never be able to get out of it. Or let me say, the hardships of our life are never ending. Every stage of life comes with its own sets of difficulties and we cannot run from them. All we come to realise is that the earlier problems were way easier to handle. The difficulty level rises at every stage.

The least we can do is face every problem with a smile on our face.

Kyuki ab tak ye to samajh me aa hi gaya hai ki problems kabhi khatam to hone nahi wali hain. Ek jayegi dusri aayegi. To has k hi saamna kar lo. Rone se kam hongi nahi. Hasne se bhi nahi hongi par unka saamna karna asaan ho jayega.

Let’s reminisce our childhoods when our biggest problem was to keep our crayons from breaking.

At that time even that seemed impossible but we managed that with a smile our face because there was a child living inside us. As we grew up, our problems grew bigger, uss bachhe ko humne dabbe me band kar diya hai. Let us all open those boxes and promise ourselves to never let it go back in the box. Because with that child living inside us, we will smile a lot more and facing hardships will be easier for sure.

To has lo beta jab tak has sakte ho kyuki jab ye daant gir jayenge na to life ki sabse badi problem yahi ho jayegi ki hasen kaise.


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