Motivational Monday S02E07: ENJOY THE LEARNING PROCESS

Sometimes the hustle around us becomes so crazy that it becomes almost impossible to keep going or stay focused. That’s when we need a reminder to enjoy the learning process. Not everything can be controlled and almost nothing can be changed to our liking. The only thing that is in our hands is facing the challenges with a smile on your face. We need to be reminded of the power we have forgotten we inhibit, just lie Hanuman ji before crossing the ocean was reminded.  The only difference is that we have to be our own Jatayu.

Don’t forget that the learning process is most amazing experience in any one’s life. And we all have the opportunity to have this experience, some value it and some just are impatient and miss out on that totally. Sometimes the silent is more powerful than the one who is speaking. Silence has that invisible power which is more powerful that words you speak. So be patient but tough, one day this pain will be worth it.

The constant worrying will not lead you to your target any sooner, so why worry about it? Also remember that a relaxed mind works so much better than a mind full of stress! So drop the stress, remember your hard work, have fun enjoying the learning process and keep working towards your goal!