Motivational Monday S02E06: DESTINY

I failed 30 times before landing a job. Sometimes I was rejected at the interview level and sometimes I failed to clear the mains exam. I was even rejected at the prelims level in a few exams. This continued for almost 2 years until the last year when I finally was able to call myself a banker. Those were trying times.


But the job life is nothing close to what I expected. The exams are just a trailer to give you glimpse of the real world that lies beyond them. Exams, besides testing your knowledge also test your patience and ability to face the tough times.


So, if you think that after getting a job your life will be a bed of roses, let me burst your bubble. But giving up should not be an option. Ii have heard people saying that banker banna meri kismet me nahi likha or ye job meri kismet me nahi thi.


Utter shit! For them I would like to quote a dialogue of my favorite character, Blair Woldorf, from my most favorite TV shows ever, Gossip Girl; “Destiny is for losers. It’s just a stupid excuse to wait for things to happen instead of making them happen.”


I truly believe in the above. There is nothing in this world that could stop you from making your dreams come true if you are determined. Never blame it on destiny. Thinking about destiny will only make you less diligent and all this competitive world demands from you is to be hard working. Whenever the thought of giving up crosses you mind, ask yourself a question, Will I be at a better place mentally if I give up on this?


And is there something better waiting for me outside? And if the answer to both these questions is no, then there is still something left for you to do in the field you are trying in. You still haven’t given your 100 percent and there is still scope for some hard work that is to be done by you. So without thinking about destiny, keep going because destiny is for losers!!!

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