Motivational Monday S02E05 – All you have is you and that’s all you need

There are time we wish that there was someone, just anyone who could hold our hands, on whose shoulder we can rest and someone we could rely on or just someone to comfort the inner battle of us. That is mostly the time when we find ourselves all alone. At that point of time we add one more phrase to the line that we have been listening since childhood; Iss duniya me huma aate akele hain jaate akele hain aur jeete bhi akele hi hain.

This is not to make you feel more unaided than you already feel. This is just a reality check. This is just a reminder that these are the times to put up your best fight face and face the world because its only you and no one is going to help you in this. Maybe not physically because there are people around you, your friends and family or in some cases mentally because someone sitting miles apart form you must be mentally comforting you with words but the battle that you are in, you have to fight it alone because it is your battle and no one is going to take your spot because no one can play the role of you better than you.

Everyone has a different story, everyone is fighting a different battle. There is a unique shoe for each one us that will fit no one else. And it is human nature to be wanting some support. But sometime we are just looking at the wrong place. The strength is within you. The light is within you. We need to look for the strength within ourselves rather than in the outside world. And if you succeed in that, you can be sure of coming out of any hard situation with flying colors.



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