Motivational Monday S02 E02: What makes you often breaks you first

Life is one hell of a journey. So many ups and downs. So many hardships. So many expectations. So much to achieve. So many dreams to fulfill. Pfff…

We are just so busy following our dreams one after the another that sometimes a point comes when we think ye nahi hoga! The struggle gets to you so hard that it becomes almost impossible to keep going. It seems like everybody around us is doing so good, achieving all their goals and here we are, waking up every morning with the same sh*t.

I will not put out a list here, just one name- J.K. Rowling. All of us have heard her story. Do I need to remind you exactly how many times her story was rejected before a publisher finally showed belief in her? Everybody knows her as the biggest novelist today but see how her story of forgetten as soon as she made it big. She faced all those rejections and humiliations and still didn’t give up. She believed in her story and conviction. She must have been broken so many times before making it big.

If you are struggling right now, if there is no one that believes in your vision, if you face rejection at every point right now, don’t give up. Don’t stop believing in your dreams. If it is breaking you apart right now, it will come around as the biggest achievement of your life one day. Remember why you started what you started. Remember the energy you felt, when you decided to give it a shot.

Remember what comes easy might not stay for long but what is sown with tears grows sweet success.

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