Motivational Monday Episode 9 – KEEP MOVING FORWARD

Hello and welcome to exampundit. The amount of hard work you did in your
previous exam, the crazy amount of time you spent learning all the formulae,
and the sacrifices you made for grabbing this opportunity; but the result was
still not in your favour. Now what? What should be your next step? Will you
stop practicing anymore? Are you almost ready to give up? Have you almost made
up your mind? Will you never appear in any exam in future because you think you
have had enough? NO. A big fat no!

Things may not be on your side right now but
remember change is the spirit of life. The clock on your wall never shows the
same time. This is a reflection of what you should be doing in your life too –
Keep moving forward. So, what if you could not pass this exam or you could not
solve this particular question. Life doesn’t end here and so doesn’t the
opportunities. If god has closed this one door, trust me, there are several
other doors wide open waiting for you to enter. You just have to find the right
And what will you gain by lingering on? If
mourning over one failure leads you to something better in life, let us all
mourn together. But, you also know that this is useless. So, why waste your
time on that. Instead, pick yourself up as soon as you can.  You know where you are lacking. Make it a
point to overcome your weakness and improve your strengths.
Don’t focus on what is wrong. Everyone gets
knocked down by life at some point. But getting up and moving forward is your
choice. We can either make ourselves miserable or make ourselves strong enough
to fight back whatever life throws at us. The amount of work done and time
spent is same. So choose what you want to be. Never ever stay where you are.
Keep growing because still water gives birth to insects.
The famous singer Zyan Malik once quoted, “There comes a day when you realize turning
the page is the best feeling in the world, because you realize there is so much
more to the book than the page you were stuck on
.” So, trust the transition
and keep turning the pages. You will never know what beautiful life is waiting
for you if you never turn the page.
Never regret what happened in the past. It
cannot be changed or undone. Focus on what is waiting for you in future. Learn
the lessons and move on!



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Team ExamPundit