Motivational Monday Episode 7 – EVERYDAY IS A NEW HOPE

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Sometimes
it feels like all the hard work is worthless. The long study hours, never
ending practice sessions, sleepless nights; will this ever pay off? Will I ever
reach my goals? Will I ever get a government job? At the end of the day, all
these questions occupy your mind and suddenly the hard work of whole day seems
day is a new challenge and you have to be ready to face it. But where does this
willingness come from? Where do I find energy to fight all the odds? These are
the questions we all tend to ask from ourselves. But only a few of us get the
answer. The answer is within you! You yourself are your motivational dose.
Nothing in this world can pull you out of your gloominess until you decide not
to let it affect you.
our dada couldn’t help if you don’t listen to him. Even this article can’t
motivate you if you decide not to read it. Ultimately, it all depends on your
actions. You should be wise enough to choose the right atmosphere and people.
It makes all the difference. These questions are just another form of
distraction that keeps you away from your goals. Don’t let them play with your
day comes with a new hope and no matter how tired you are, you can always find
a ray of hope if you choose to do so. So, don’t keep looking on the darker side
and stress yourself or you will miss that ray of hope. This is what competitive
world is all about. You yourself have to find the energy to keep fighting.
Someone can show you the path for sure but not make you move on that path.
choices will take you to your goals and we as a team will celebrate the success
of each member!
of course, you can take a small break and celebrate Rakhi, but tomorrow you
should be back in full gear. Happy Rakshabandhan!!!


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