Motivational Monday Episode 6 – SUCCESS DEMANDS SACRIFICES

Hello and welcome to exampundit. What makes
successful people different from the normal ones? They seem to have it all –
job, money, power. They possess everything that we possibly can imagine. They
look all happy, can buy anything they desire in this world, and go anywhere
they want to spend their holidays. Grass is always greener on the other side
but we forget how much effort the neighbours have put in there.

There are
approximately 168 hours in a week. We need at least 7 hours of sleep per day
and 3 hours per day for our other routine jobs. That leaves us with 98 hours.
Now, this is up to you how you use these 98 hours of a week. This definitely
doesn’t mean your head should be hidden behind books for all these 98 hours. All
you need is to sacrifice the things or habits that are not going to sum up to
your success in the long run.
You might
envy that friend of yours who spend his Saturdays partying or who spends her
parent’s money in shopping on weekends. It literally is so much frustrating
watching the pictures of your friends hanging out and you sitting at home,
preparing for your upcoming exams. But, let me remind you, this is the story
now, not forever. It will take no time for the tables to turn.
Today, I
want to share something about my life. I started preparing for the competitive
exams in the year 2015 and I got a job in 2017. I had a huge circle of friends.
In this period of two years, I lost most of them. Whenever they called me to
meet up, I refused because I had some exam lined up. After some time, they
stopped calling me. I lost most of my friends and social life because I wanted
to stay focused and settle down in my career before allowing myself to enjoy
life. To be honest, it felt bad initially. But I learned to say no and
concentrate on the bright future that I was building. And now, I have no
regrets, not one bit.

The ones
who really are your friends, who really care about you, will support you even
if you don’t hang out with them. Life will give you time and money to enjoy the
leisures but once you loose an opportunity, it seldom knocks your door again.
The things that attract you right now may not last long and the things that
look difficult right now may pay off really well in future. So, choose wisely
and remember, not everything that glitters is gold. This farsightedness will
decide your future!


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Aarushi Mathur

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