Motivational Monday Episode 10 – ENJOY THE LEARNING PROCESS

Hello and welcome to exampundit. How often do we hear that we should enjoy the
learning process? Quite often. But how many of us really do follow it? The
truth is – very few. Everyone wants to accomplish their goals and we do work
really hard for it. We sacrifice our social life and spend our days and nights
with books. But in the process we forget that we have only one life and we
should enjoy every possible minute of it! Life is NOT a race. Mr. Virus was
absolutely wrong. You don’t need to run and win the race.

Life will happen, no matter what you do. You
have two options. You can keep complaining about it and miss out on little good
and positive aspects or be ready for whatever life throws at you and enjoy the
little things in life. I choose the later and I suggest you do the same. Life
never stops even after your grievances. So why not happily accept it?
You know if you start looking for
negativities, there are endless. Right from the stage of your life when you
start getting out of your house into the real world, you have a problem with
everything. No, infants don’t complaint. They are happy in their little shell
and we should learn this huge lesson from them. Complaining is the job of a
little bit grown up and adults like us.

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When you enter the school, you dislike a
certain teacher. When you passed High school, you were not satisfied with your
marks in a particular subject. When you entered college, you didn’t get your
favourite dorm room. When you struggled passing a particular exam, you had a
problem with the whole system. And some people don’t even stop here. They have
a problem with the same job they worked so hard to get. They will be found bad
mouthing their job repeatedly.
All I want to say here is, learn to respect and
enjoy whatever you have been granted in life with. You never know that you are
in possession of something someone just dreams of. Once my uncle said to me,
“If you want to see how blessed you are, look at the people who are deprived of
something you take granted for. You will never feel like complaining again.”
Criticism is easy. Appraisal is hard. And when
you learn to appreciate little things you will start enjoying the learning
process. It’s a lifelong thing and the one who enjoys it makes the most of it!



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Team ExamPundit