Marketing Quiz – SBI Associates Clerk


1.  The performance of
sales person depends on

(a) ability and willingness of the salesperson 
(b) incentive paid

(c) size of the sales team
(d) team leader’s attitude
(e) his aggressive nature

2.  Online advertising
(a) Internet   
world wide web
(c) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’  

(d) radio
(e) TV
3.  When a product or
brand is embedded in entertainment and media then it is known as
(a) Internet    
world wide web
(c) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’  

(d) radio
(e) TV
4.  Advertising is a
major promotion mix ingredient that is a
(a) non-paid form of non-personal communication
(b) non-paid form of personal communication
(c) paid form of personal communication
(d) paid form of non-personal communication
(e) none of the above
5.  Which of the
following is the means of bank advertising
(a) newspaper of magazine
(b) poster   
(d) television   
All of the above
6.  Which is the best
means of bank advertising?
(a) circular    
sky advertising
(c) satisfied bank customer
(d) Bank employee or their manager
(e) All of the above
7.  Advertisements is
a type of
(a) direct marketing 
service marketing
(c) indirect marketing  

(d) internet banking
(e) internal banking
8.  Advertisements are
required for
(a) boosting the production levels
(b) motivating the employees
(c) boosting the sales 

(d) All of the above
(e) None of the above
9.  Digital marketing
is the same is the same as
(a) online marketing 
cross selling
(c) road-show    
website designing
(e) door- to-door
10.  Which of the
following includes the stage of personal selling?
(a) prospecting    
Marking first contact
(c) sales call   
objection handling
(e) All of these
11.  The last stage of
personal selling is
(a) making the first contact
(b) closing the sale
(c) prospecting
(d) sales call
(e) None of the above
12.  In order to
qualify the prospects, one needs  to
(a) plan a sales approach
(b) determine the products meeting the need
(c) rank the above
(d) All of the above
(e) None of the above
13.  Making the first
contact can be done through  
(a) e-mail      
(c) letter     
All of these
(e) None of these
14.  Personal selling
facilitates the process of 
(a) production   
(c) consumption   
All of these
(e) None of these
15.  Personal selling
is a ________ Communication.
(a) one way   
(b) two
(c) single way    
many to one way
(e) None of above
16.  Which of the
following is the quality of a good salesperson ?
(a) Impressive personality 
(b) Good behavior
(c) persistence   
sound health
(e) All of the above
17.  In sales
conversion means
(a) design new product
(b) convert buyer into a seller
(c) convert seller into a buyer
(d) convert a prospective to a buyer
(e) religious conversion

18.  Meaning of cross
selling is
(a) city-city selling   
(b) selling with cross face
(c) sales with crossed fingers
(d) selling to existing customers  
(e) cold calling

19. The sales process begins with
(a) customer identification
(b) lead generation 
sales presentation
(d) sales closure    
sales meet

20.  Lead generation
can be resorted to by browsing
(a) telephone directories
(b) Yellow pages   
internet sites
(d) list of existing customers
(e) All of the above

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