Last Minute Suggestions for IBPS Clerk 2014 Interview

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. We have gathered a list important Suggestions specifically for IBPS Clerk IV Interviews which have started in the February, 2015.

So, we divided into three categories.

(i) What Current Affairs are needed in IBPS Clerk 2014 Interviews?

(ii) What to do about Regional Language?

(iii) How to Ace IBPS Clerk Interview With Minimal Approach?

Lets Get Started.

(i) What Current Affairs are needed in IBPS Clerk 2014 Interviews?

The current affairs and banking awareness which are needed for IBPS Clerk Interviews are very basic. You have have the knowledge of Common Banking Terms which are used by Banks on a regular Basis. 

A Commerce Graduate Candidate might face a little tricky questions but more or less it will consist very basics, daily-basis Banking Terms. 

Moving on to the Current Affairs, one should occupy a good knowledge in Recent Major Events both in the world and in India. Very basic questions which will sound tricky and confusing for eg. What is Prakash Path? These should studied very neatly.

Apart from all these, you must have a grip about Bank’s Head Quarters. Suppose, Mr. B is going for Interview in Delhi, then he should know about the headquarters of banks in Delhi. You should not only know the headquarters located in the cities, but also the region. 

(ii) What to do about Regional Language?

A lot of candidates have asked about the Regional Language necessity in IBPS Clerk 2014 Interview. Now, we have all went to the bank in our life(The PSU ones). If you see, not all the clerks are very good at the regional languages, although it is necessary for a clerk, but they are not proficient.

As we say, you must at least have the Jugaad Proficiency in Regional Lanugage

What you must do, you should be well aware of the language i.e you should be able to understand what they are saying or written in a paper. You should have a basic knowledge about the language. It can be that you don’t know how to read but can speak fluently, but if you are unable to do any of that, then it will lead to disqualification.

(iii) How to Ace IBPS Clerk Interview With Minimal Approach?

You must follow these 3 golden rules to ACE IBPS Clerk Interview:

1. You must be practical and exact level of the Interview. If you start acting Over-Qualified or Over-Confident your chances will rapidly decrease. A person who has qualified in PO shall be practical about the necessity of Job in his life.

2. Minimal Answers are the key to success. We have all seen the famous scene of Chatur Ramalingam and Rancho in 3 Idiots on the DEFINITION of Machines and Books. So be simple and show that you understand the core of the term.

3. If you are unable to something given, be prompt and smart enough to respond in a simple manner. It will reflect your Management Skills which you need throughout in your Banking Career. 

All the best. Do write us your interview experience at [email protected] and we will analyse and mail you personally.


Team ExamPundit