Job Profile of FCI AG-III – General / Depot – 2015

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Today we are sharing the Job Profiles of FCI AG-III General and Depot Position. So, we will give you the detailed Job Responsibilities, Role and Daily routine of AG-III General, Depot and Accounts

Job Profile of FCI AG-III – General / Depot – 2015

What is the Job Profile of FCI AG.III (General) and Responsibilities?

AG.III (General) in FCI is the beginning level clerical grade involving the performance, under close supervision of the Manager/higher officers, of duties of a routine and repetitive nature such as making simple entries in registers, dispatch of mail, drafting simple letters, maintaining casual leave record, recording movements of incoming and outgoing files, maintaining files of routine nature and other related work which can be readily learnt after a little or no job experience.

Typical Tasks :

The following are a few illustrations of the tasks generally performed by positions
falling under this class:

  1. Receives and diarizes the incoming dak, segregates incoming communications and
  2. distributes to the concerned employees.
  3. Reads and checks outgoing mail for completeness, readiness for dispatch by checking e.g. proper and complete address, proper signatures, proper enclosures and similar details and conformity to postal regulations.
  4. Compares typed material.
  5. Records movement of incoming and outgoing files.
  6. Drafts simple letters and maintains files of routine nature.
  7. Prepares identity cards for employees, makes entries in service book and maintains casual leave account

What is the Job Profile of FCI AG.III (Accounts) and Responsibilities?

This is the beginning level Grade of Accounts Assistant involving in the maintenance of accounts on day to day basis in the various offices of the Food Corporation of India including Pay Offices.

Typical Tasks:

  1.  In case of correspondence linking a letter to earlier reference or link file and put up for further action/ information.
  2. Maintenance of files of the section/division in which he /she works and periodical review thereof.
  3. Preparation of various vouchers related to receipts, payments along with proper enclosures. Maintenance / Review of basic books of Accounts.
  4. Maintenance/ Review of books of classification (Ledgers) and consolidation.
  5. Preparation of various information/ reports for MIS.

What is the Job Profile of FCI AG.III (Depot) and Responsibilities?

AG.III (Depot) in FCI is the beginning level clerical grade involving, under close supervision by AG-I (D)/AG-II (D)/ Manager (D)/higher officers, the performance of duties of a routine and repetitive nature such as making simple entries in registers, diary and dispatch of dak, drafting simple letters, maintaining files of routine nature and other related work that can be readily learnt after a little or no job experience. The more difficult assignment normally to be assigned to AG-I (D) and AG-II (D) can also be required to be performed by this grade under some close and immediate supervision.

Typical Tasks:

  • Assists his superiors in sealing the godown locks, maintaining of godown daily opening and closing register, checking watchmen on duty, supervising cleaning and sweepings etc.
  • Attends to godown activities such as receipts, issues, physical verification of stock and shed accounts and reports; attends to loading, unloading, weighing and stacking operations and prepares the relevant records such as weighment sheets, convoy note, truck chit and delivery memo. Makes entries in the commodity register, stack wise register, daily diary and bin cards, and signs all papers prepared by him.
  • Prepares daily, fortnightly and monthly issue and receipt reports.
  • Maintains account of the dead-stock and miscellaneous articles.
  • Guides, directs and supervises labour gang, stitchers, sweepers and sifters in performing their duties.
  • Diaries and dispatches daak.

We had a talk with our senior members who are working in Central Government right now and if you ask us about what to choose? AG-III General or Depot? Then we will say General as the Depot Work schedule will be boring after a certain period.

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