Exam Review – IPPB Assistant Manager Prelims – 8 January, 2017 – 2nd Slot – Soha

Hello and welcome to exampundit. So here is the IPPB Asst. Manager 2nd Slot Review by Soha

REASONING : Can be considered Easy in respect to PO level.

● Puzzle 1 – 8 people, linear arrangement, some facing inside some facing outside.
● Puzzle 2 – 7 people, 7 days
● Arrangement – A/c to weight, 5 people
● Machine I/O
● Syllogism
● Inequalities

ENGLISH : Moderate

● Error Correction – Easy/Moderate (depends on your command over the language)
●RC – 4 Vocabs. Passage was about the economically underdeveloped strata of the America.
●Cloze Test – Economy and student transportation related

QUANTITATIVE APTITUDE : One thing I noticed is that all the TOUGH questions were given in question no 1-10. Like the Calculative Di, Tricky word problems. If one hasn’t gone through the previous reviews carefully one might lose his calm at that very moment while going through the first 10 question of Quant. As I knew there is Approximation, a simpler Di, I skipped through the time consuming ones.

● Approximation
●  2 Di
● Series – 2 easy, 3 moderate
● Rest were word problems.

One thing I would like to say to those who are mulling over cut-offs is that… Don’t.

If we could’ve predicted cutoff, it wouldn’t have been a ‘Competition’. As everyone had already known how to be above that PREDETERMINED cutoff. Yeah, you can guess but that won’t change neither your attempts nor the actual cutoff.

And those who are thinking that they didn’t attempt enough, and feeling low, I think I will share some facts with them.

1. Difficulty increases with each passing shift. So if your previous shift friend or yesterday shift friend :p had attempted 80 and you’ve attempted 75 it’s mostly because the difficulty level has increased. AND THE SCORE WILL BE NORMALIZED.

2. ACCURACY. YES, the omnipresent ACCURACY.

3. The Cutoff WON’T BE STATE-WISE, so those who are at writing the exam from high cutoff state, can relax as the low cutoff states will bring the aggregate down a bit 😛

That’s all..! :))

Goodluck my dear EPians! 😀


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Team ExamPundit