Introducing EP’s Discussion Forum

Hello and welcome to exampundit. We are extremely happy to introduce Exampundit’s forum – Register and ask anything related to exams.

Why did we create forum?

There have been many queries left out, missed due to not publishing pages or simply because someone asked in an Old page. Hence, we decided to create a forum where you can ask, discuss and learn everything.

What are the Features of Exampundit Forum?

  • It is free.
  • User can have a great profile including a Profile Photo.
  • You only need EMAIL ID to register. Nothing else.
  • Points based on your contribution.
  • Email Notification when someone post/reply to your topics.
  • Mobile friendly.

What is the benefit for an aspirant?

  • Most importantly, you learn something everyday.
  • You get to ask the mentor easily from now on.
  • You can see Green Tick  in the Solved Topics which make sure that the answer is correct.
  • You get points for answering, posting and badges too.
  • Users with most contribution will be getting gifts from exampundit.

Click here to VISIT FORUM


How to Register?

Step 1 – Visit the Community Page

Step 2 – Click on Register

Step 3 – Change your password

Step 4 – Start posting from the Community Page.





Team Exampundit