Interview Experience – IBPS RRB OS-I 2015 – Kerala

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is an Interview Experience of IBPS RRB OS-I shared by Anil.

My interview experience of KGB PO on 18-11-15 morning batch

There were 3 males and 1 female.

Interview was almost friendly with only one person among them very stern.

These are the questions.

1.Strengths and weakness.


3.You are from technical background ,so if are working as a PO how can you help 

an illiterate person to check his issues in a bank.

4.What is bugging?

5.Whats is LAF?

6.What is casa, how is it beneficial for a bank?

7.Who is the chairman of KGB? I said K V scolded for not saying Mr. KV

Shaji (from the stern interviewer)

8.Who is RBI governor? I said Mr.Raghuram Rajan .(got scolding again for not 

saying as Dr.Rajan..!!)

9.Explain some social security measures provided by KGB

10.Suppose that I am a customer ,try to sell me PM’s Suraksha bheema scheme to me.

11.What does your father/mother do?

12.Some questions related to my hobby yoga?

13.What is a guarantee?

13.How do banks use technology in their daily operations?

14.What is phishing?

15.What is atm fraud? Give an example.

16.Give us an eg of how your technical knowledge will help us.

Questions asked in other panels.

1.Define NBFCs as per RBI circulars.

2.Mudra bank 

And thanks to exampundit for all its help.Keep it up guys.


Team ExamPundit


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