Interview Experience – IBPS RRB OS-I – 18 January, 2017 – Bihar – Amit

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is the RRB OS-I Interview Experience of Amit from Bihar.

I am sharing my RRB PO interview experience.
Date of Interview : 19/01/2017, Thursday
Venue: Patna
Interview Duration : 8-10 Minutes.

I reached the venue at 12:30 pm. We were allowed to get in shart at 1 pm
My term for document verification came at about 3:30 pm after that we were told to wait for our Interview. It was about 6:15 pm when my term for interview came.
In the Interview Panel, there were 4 members (3 Male and 1 Female).
Me: May I come in sir?
Sir: Yes come in.
Sir: Where do you live and where is your native?
Me: Answered.
Sir: Who are there in your family?
Me: Answered.
Sir: What do your father do?
Me: Answered.
Sir: Do you have experience?
Me: Yes sir, I worked in a software company for about 1 year.
Sir: Why you came toward Banking? You didn’t find scope in working in that company further?
Me: Answered.
Sir: Tell me, we have completed our 70 years of independence, even though in India still depend on Agriculture and its economy has not developed so, what could be the possible reason?
Me: Answered.
(Sir was somewhat satisfied)
Sir: What should be done for the people living under poverty line?
Me: Answered.
After that we had a good discussion on this topic.
Sir: Why are the people in our villages still not so developed in agriculture side?
Me: Answered
Again about 2-3 min discuss went on.
Ma’am: Our Prime Minister did something on OROP. In which year?
Me: Answered.
Ma’am asked me one more question on OROP, which I didn’t know the answer.
Sir: What is CRR?
Me: Answered
Sir: What is the current CRR?
Me: Answerd.
Sir, ok, you can go.
I thanked them all.

Amit Kumar Sinha


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