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Hello and welcome to exampundit . Myself Anubhab, and here is one article I wrote way back in early 2015. I felt like sharing it with you all! Read it!

A lot of people prepare themselves for a Good Career in Public Sector. Most of them face a lot of social, economical and mental obstacles while preparing themeselves. So today am trying to convey a message to all the aspirants and wish them a better future.
Starting Your Preparation
People often feel confused about their preparation at the beginning. Sometimes we become helpless and shattered on the process of preparation. Don’t be, I am saying Not To Be Depressed. Instead try to find out the faults in your process.
Studying for long hours does not mean you have a greater chance of cracking the exam. Studying smart makes you one step ahead of everyone. Even those who barely study for 3 hours daily(my brother is an example) makes it through. Why? Not at all Luck. Smart study is always better.
Now, what is Smart Study? What difference does it make? What do you need for a Smart Study Process?
Smart Study is just a word which defines that studying things in a different manner. For eg. You can study maths and learn huge theorems and formulas which ultimately either confuses many or just leaves you irritated. However, if you try to solve them on your own methods, be it anything, then you can Boost Up Confidence out of nowhere.
The difference between Studying and Smart Studying is that you learn Time Management through Smart Study easily.
Invent your ways, solve problems on your own. However this does not apply in the field of English and General Awareness. Still you can find ways to keep a track of them.
But still it depends how you feel happy, just don’t stress yourself. You want to crack the exam Start Preparing From Today.
Don’t depend on Cut-offs for examinations. We will post about it next!
Facing The Social Barricades
We have a stereotypical behaviour among the mass that Getting A Government Job is completely on Luck, Wasting money, HARD. This is the biggest obstacle we face while trying our level best to achieve the dream(well, some dream, some greed).

One can be instructed in society, one is inspired only in solitude. 
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Whenever your elders and neighbors and colleagues will raise their eyebrow just don’t react. Whenever you react to negativity, you welcome it. So just ignore all the raising eyebrows and confusing questions people ask you. Its your career don’t let others decide.
Many of us have faced economical barricades sometimes in life. But it should stop you from your goal. Its hard, life is very hard and short but you gotta fight till you die. You have to earn your goal, you just can’t get it easily. Don’t compare yourself with others in case of economical condition. Times can be real hard and it takes a simple second to flip.
No matter how much the society blocks your path, you have to achieve it. You have prove them wrong. Once you prove them wrong, there will be a bunch of people following your footsteps. Thats Inspiration! Thats what you need to do.

Keeping Calm is the Mantra

Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. 
– Thomas A. Edison

Failure is an inevitable part of success. You have to face failure multiple times before you finally achieve the goal. It can take years to reach the point of success. But we are human being, we fall apart sometimes, we get demotivated easily. When we fail, we just lose hope and we lose the power to start over again. So what you should do is keeping faith in yourself and the Almighty. He is there, looking after you each and every moment and trust me, He will fulfill your dreams if you co-operate with him.
Now what does co-operate with God means? Its simply means working smart and hard, not giving up and inspiring yourself. You might have given 9 examinations and you failed in all of them, don’t give up. Because may be, the 10th examination is where you achieve your goal. You don’t know the future, so don’t predict it by yourself. Work hard today and let God decide the tomorrow.

Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that’s very important for good health. 
– Dalai Lama

Don’t be nervous, don’t lose your calmness. Once you lose it, everything shatters. If you think you are unable to do something then research, discuss but don’t tell yourself that you can’t do it. Be it an examination, interview or group discussion, your calmness will guide you to success.
Help others, inspire others and you will automatically get inspired. Helping others never blocks your path of success. At some point you might hesitate to help but if you help you will get an unimaginable inner peace which boost ups every thing in yourself.
Respect everyone’s opinion but do what you think is best for you. Always listen to you parents, they are the living Gods of our lives.
Always know that there is God above us and he will do whats BEST for us.
Wish you all the luck and mental strength to achieve your goal.


Team ExamPundit


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