India’s first ‘Robocop’ launched in Hyderabad

India’s first ‘Robocop’, capable of performing police duties, has been launched in Hyderabad.

Developed by the city-based Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning start-up H-Bots Robotics, this 5-foot-7-inch tall smart police robot, weighing 43 kg, can receive complaints, record audio and video clips, identify suspects, detect metals and monitor temperature.

The ‘Robocop’, launched by Telangana Information Technology secretary Jayesh Ranjan, can assist the police in handling law and order and traffic management. If deployed autonomously, it can even take care of security at selected spots at malls or airports and public places.

Hyderabad becomes the first city in the country to deploy a police robot for commercial operations. The robot would walk, recognise people, receive complaints and defuse bombs too, said PSV Kisshhan, the founder of H-Bots Robotics. It is the world’s second humanoid robot after Dubai.

The Robocop will be able to recognise objects stationed at a location for long hours and inform the Police Control Room. The life-sized robot has been named after 26/11 martyr Hemant Karkare and all Smart Police Robots to be produced by H-Bot Robotics in future will be named after police martyrs.

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