How to Improve Performance before SBI Clerk Prelims 2018

Hello and welcome to exampundit. While preparing for bank recruitment exams sometimes the situation becomes frustrating, sometimes it just confuses you. There are too many things to study in just few months to get that dream job.

Many of the aspirants give up their field of studies in order to prepare and get a job in the government sector.

Well there are few ways you can easily improve your performance. In order to improve your performance all you need is a pen and a copy with some old school methods.

So, lets get started!

Step 1. Keep a track of your performance:

One of the key things to improve is to keep a track of your performance.  In order to track your performance you need to keep an Error LOG of your performance.

What you need to do,

Simply, write down the highlights from each mocks, practice sets you give.

For eg.

Box Puzzle Wrong, Took time
Error Correction Silly Mistake, Lack of concentration
Approximation Problem in cubes and squares


Like this, you can keep a track of your errors and mistakes and this will help you to improvise.

Tip: Reward yourself with a funny video or chocolates after completing a task or solving a set of problems.

One thing you must remember that YOU WILL NOT GET A JOB IN ONE DAY. Hard work, dedication and plenty of patience needed in order to succeed.

Step 2. Make 2 Personal Strategies for you:

Based on the mistakes you did in the Mocks and Papers, you must make 2 personal strategies.

The strategies must be implemented in the mock test series and practice papers.

After applying the strategies, see which one is help you to improve. The one which will take less time and will have higher accuracy should be the strategy for your actual examination.

How to choose?

Strategy 1 

Took less time, less silly mistakes, improved speed.

Strategy 2 x

Took little longer, no silly mistakes, speed moderately improved.

Note that you need to choose on the basis of speed and accuracy.

You can always reach out to us regarding the strategy at

Step 3. Learning, Helping & Being Positive:

In order to give your best, you must have a positive attitude. Its not easy for anyone to get into the government without heartbreaks, hard work and patience.

You must know that all you need is ONE SEAT. No matter what is the number of vacancies, no matter how many people are applying, if you are not positive, if you are not putting your 100%, you cannot get it.

Let there be 10 heartbreak, let there be bad days because if you believe in yourself, you will succeed.

Help everyone, help co-aspirants. Nothing is more peaceful than helping people. Even though it is regarded as the “Competitive Exam” sector, you all need job and all are good people.

So helping each other will give you a mental peace and help you perform better (FOR SURE!!).

Let it out. If you have anything in mind, share it. Share it with you parents, share it with your brother/sister, share it with your friends. Don’t let anything demoralise you.

At the end of the its you who is going to give the exam, its you who will enjoy the success most. So be confident, have faith and Do the Step 1 and 2 carefully.



Team Exampundit