Important Update on RRB NTPC EWS Certificate


Hello and welcome to exampundit. As you all know, EWS Category Reservation started in 2019 from CWC Recruitment. So, there has been quite a lot of hassle fro aspirants trying to get EWS Certificate. So, Railways has mailed applicants with an Update on RRB NTPC EWS Certificate.

Important Update on RRB NTPC EWS Certificate

In the email, they have stated:

It has now been decided by the Ministry of Railways that those candidates who belong to EWS (Economically Weaker Section) can furnish the EWS certificate (Income and Asset Certificate) at the time of Document Verification(DV).The details of EWS certificate are not required to be filled at the time of filling up of online application.

In case you are an EWS candidate but have registered or submitted your online application of CEN 01/2019(NTPC) under UR category as you did not have the Income and Asset certificate for EWS, you are being given an opportunity to change your category from UR to EWS by logging in through the “CHANGE FROM UR to EWS” link in the portal.

Important Update on RRB NTPC EWS Certificate
Copy of the email

So, this means, you have the time to get the EWS Certificate till your document verification.

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