Important Tips to Improve Quantitative Aptitude

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Our mentor, Sourav Shome has shared some Important Tips to Improve Quantitative Aptitude for Bank exams in 2018.

Important Tips to Improve Quantitative Aptitude

Important Tips to Improve Quantitative Aptitude

The common words are speed, accuracy, time management combined with clarity of concepts (There is nothing new).

Learn by heart a minimum number of squares (upto 25 or 30) and cubes (upto 20 or 25) and some multiplication short-cut rules. It can save your time while solving approximation, DI calculation, series etc.

Question on Number series are generally based on difference of difference , multiplication/division, square/cube, prime no/even no/odd no , alternate terms etc. This topic is comparatively less time to consume as well as scoring.

The questions of DI are mainly based on 3 chapters of Arithmetic:

  • Percentage
  • Ratio
  • Average
  • (Sometime profit & loss)

If basics of these 3 or 4 chapters are clear, attempting DI questions become very easy. You just need some practice. These will also help you in Miscellaneous problem …

In DI calculation if you are sure without any calculation that the first, second and third options cannot be the answer; then straight away mark the fourth option as the answer. There is no need to further verify whether the fourth option is the correct or not.

From Mensuration there will be around 1 to 2/2 to 3 questions of easy to moderate level in every preliminary exam/Mains exam.  For this chapter focus mainly on the formulae of various 2D & 3D figures.

Miscellaneous Questions may be comparatively time taking , but before solving any question you should see the choices given. Spending 2-3 seconds to see the choices may reduce the time taken on each question by 30-35 seconds. By doing this you may be eliminate one or more options. Please avoid too many FORMULA type shortcuts for one particular type of question. Try to understand the basics first.

In case of MAINS exams (like PO MAINS 2017) some 2 MARKS questions are from geometry based on circle properties (which generally comes in SSC), which are very easy. Just go through the formulae of Circle properties and circular quadrilaterals.  So focus on this chapter also for upcoming mains. May be in future IBPS will put questions on advanced math like SSC.

Know all the topics to be covered and prepare well, by theoretical understanding and practicing more and more problems. Learn from your mistakes and practice.

Lastly I want to say there is no shortcut. Work on your basics. Its very very important. Practice questions daily, that will help you gain confidence and will also increase your speed and accuracy. Quant is easy once you understand why we do & what we do.

Penned by

Sourav Shome