Important GK Topics for RRB Group D Exam 2018

Indian Railways has started recruitment drive at entry level. This is a great opportunity for job aspirants as this organisation is known for employee benefits. The question paper will be based on three sections i.e. General Knowledge, Reasoning and Math. The aspirants are required to make command on these sections. Out of the three, General Knowledge section is most important to secure your seat. Through this article we are sharing important General Knowledge topics for RRB Group D exam.

Important GK Topics for RRB Group D Exam 2018

There are certain topics which are very important as per analysis of previous exams. The source of preparation also matters a lot, therefore we have compiled a list of all important topics after a thorough analysis, and also we are providing topics wise sources to study:-


  • Current Affairs and Static GK


Topics Source
Bodies of Government of India Gradeup App – Static GK Notes
S.I. Units – Basic and Derived units
International Organization – Like IMF, World Bank, EU, G20 etc.
Olympic Games – Venues of previous and upcoming games
Trophies and Cups – Recently completed tournaments.
Places Associated With Sports
Famous Tourist Spots of India
Famous Sites Of World
Wonders Of The World
Pulitzer Prize
Bharat Ratna
Padma Awards
Grammy Awards
Jnanpith Award
List of Jnanpith Awardees
Asian Games
Ramon Magsaysay Award
Books By Indian Authors
Current Affairs:- Weekly GK Digest on Gradeup
Schemes announced by center and state
New products launched by various government undertaking bodies
Relations of Indian diplomates with other countries
MOUs signed by Government and undertakings
Books launched by famous celebrities
Tournaments of various sports
Awards in recent news
National Current affairs


Practice for Railway Group D with Gradeup’s Mock Test – Link


  • Science:-



Topic Sub Topic Source
Physics Force and pressure – All important laws. Physics Capsule of Gradeup
Friction – Meaning and Types
Gravitation – Keppler’s laws, Universal law of gravitation etc.
Solar system – Famous constellations
Mechanics (newton laws, centripetal, centrifugal forces, projectiles, angle of banking, potential & kinetic energy)
liquids (capillarity, surface tension, viscosity)
Sound- Units and important formulas
Heat – Laws, units and formulas
Light – Laws of reflection and facts related to images formation.
Electricity – Laws and theories.
Magnetism – Laws and formulas
Modern physics (atomic energy, radio activity, cosmic, x rays, visible spectrum.)
Chemistry Acids, bases and salts – Formulas and laws related to it, equations etc. Chemistry Capsule of Gradeup
Atoms and molecules – Definitions
Metals and non-metals – Definitions and examples.
Periodic table classification
carbon compounds(hydrocarbons, polymers)
Metallurgy – Important ores and minerals, names related to particular metals.
Physical and chemical changes
Bio molecules(carbohydrates, proteins, fats)
Nuclear reactions – Important nuclear reactions.
Biology Cell structure – Organelles name and functions. Biology Capsule of Gradeup
Living organisms classification
life processes of plants and animals (nutrition, digestion, respiration, circulatory system, blood, excretion)
Control & coordination(nervous system, eyes, ears)
Endocrine system & reproduction
Digestive enzymes
Hormones – Names and functions
Vitamins – Names functions and disease related to deficiency of vitamins.
Infectious diseases
Natural resources management(air, water, soil pollution, wetlands, forestry, wildlife)


Practice for Railway Group D with Gradeup’s Mock Test – Link


  • Social Studies:


In this section, only a few questions are expected. For the safer side, aspirants are advised to follow tips given below:

  • Complete the basics of History, Geography, Polity and Economics.
  • Practice questions from topic wise quizzes.
  • Go through previous years questions.  


These are the most important topics for RRB Group D exam. The aspirants must keep in mind some important tips while preparing for this exam:-

  • Try to cover these topics in priority basis. The topics with more weightage should be covered first. Try to attempt as many quizzes as you can. If you keep on reading these topics without taking tests you may feel bore.
  • Try to make mnemonics of important topics so that you can easily remember facts. As per a study, our associative memory helps us in remembering things after the age of 18. So try to associate things with well-known things, facts, objects or memories.
  • Don’t spend more than required time on a particular topic, instead try to priorities sub topics of that topic.
  • Success is achieved with consistent efforts. Try to study GA everyday instead of keeping it aside for last few days.
  • Put more stress on previous year’s questions as Railways repeats questions.
  • Discuss topics with others, it will help you getting clear in your doubts & highlight the area you need to work.

Practice for Railway Group D with Gradeup’s Mock Test – Link


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