Impacts of technology on job – Essay for SBI PO and BOB PO 2018

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Impacts of technology on job

Today, there is no field that has remained untouched of technology. With the continuous development and rising demand of needs, technology has left an inexhaustible mark in our lives. It has made the world smaller and work easier. Something that required days of planning, processing, and mental labor is now possible within a few hours.

The impact is such that the minute we open our eyes in the morning, the first thing we come face to face with is technology; our mobile phones. From making our lessons easy to launching a new satellite by ISRO is all because of technological development.

But living in a country like India, where the population is on the rise even after so many programmes of awareness to control it, it is a matter of worry that how technology will impact on our lives. The demand of employment has also risen for a fact because of the population. But technology being a major source of providing for the requirements, the need of human labor has reduced. The job that required ten people can now be easily done with just two. Also, the requirement of technologically educated people has ascended.

The point is that something that was invented for making our lives easier has actually proved to make it equally difficult. The escalating unemployment with the population rise is major concern for our country right now. At the same time, we cannot deny that our lives have been controlled enough by technology to now think of replacing it.

But we should also remember a fact that technology won’t work until we make it work. So rather than being a slave to it, we should start coming up with ways to reduce the negative impacts of technology on our lives because complaining never solves any issue. Rather the fact that the doors of innovations have opened should be considered and new opportunities should be brought in by us.



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