Impacts of Social Media on Our Behaviour and the Society – Essay for SBI PO


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Impacts of Social Media on Our Behaviour and the Society

Social media is a big part of our lives now. It has become something that cannot be ignored. One cannot possibly imagine having a life without any social media presence. It is not limited to just sharing your pictures and writing your thoughts. When it knocked our doors, none of had imagines the kind of impact it would have on our lives. But, today it has acquired so much popularity that people are using it as platform for promoting their art, starting a new company, offering various services, and reaching out to people in the times of need.

It has proved to be a great source of connecting with people for several purposes. Today, when we need to find someone, the first place that comes into our mind is Facebook. People do not get our photos printed like back in old days. Instead, post it on Instagram. LinkedIn has been a new way of making contacts in corporate world and finding a job. There are so many examples of how social media has influenced and changed our lives.

On the other hand, it has also affected the personal growth of people. The things we see on the social media is what the person wants you to see about him. It is in control and thus manipulated. The face of society is a lot different than what in on the internet. The problems of anxiety, depression, peer pressure and other disorders have been seen rising these days. Social media has played a crucial role here. Kids these days spend hours sitting in their rooms with a phone in their hand making presence in the virtual world with no actual physical activity which is not healthy at all.

Although, social media has been a boon for our society but it depends on the society that forms with us, to prevent it from becoming a bane. Intelligence is in using it wisely, maximizing its benefits and minimizing its adverse effects.


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