IDBI Manipal 2015 – Interview Experience – FIRINGHORSE – Ahmedabad

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is an Interview Experience shared by  FIRINGHORSE (Disqus ID) from Ahmedabd.

Venue : IDBI complex, Ahmedabad
Interview Date : 09/09/15
Time : 9:30 am
Panel 1

As instructed in the call letter, I reached the centre 1 hour ago that is at 8:30 am.
There were a total of 18-20 candidates.
After some time verification of the documents started. They were particular about the documents. Guys without some documents have been provisionally allowed for interview and asked for the missing documents at the time of joining if selected.
Interview started at around 10 am. My turn came at 11:30 am.
Panel constitutes 5 panel members.. 4 male and 1 madam.
After good Morning n all they allowed to seat..
Madam: Tell me about your family background( NO introduce yourself)
Me: Answered..

Madam: Tell d name of the chairman of your father’s company
Me: Answered

Sir 1: why is the gap between after studies…(as I completed my MBA in 2013)
Me: anyhow justified the gap

Sir2: what is the full form of NITI aayog?
Me: Answered

Sir2: what is the difference between NITI n planning commission?
Me: Answered but they were not satisfied

Madam: why it is changed to NITI aayog?
Me : anyhow answered

Madam: what are the total no of branches of IDBI?
Me: sorry madam

Madam: Tell me about IDBI bank’s history
Me: Answered n explained.. 🙂

Sir3: what are nbfc
Me: explained

Sir3: what is the difference between bank and nbfc
Me: Answered but fumbled

Madam: u said something called GST.  explain
Me: explained

After that they looked at each other n told me ok its over..
I wished them n left wishing them all thank you..

These questions were asked very rapidly.They were not giving any Time to think… Almost all the candidates faced these rapid fire questions..
Interview lasted for about 15 min

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