IBPS SO Agriculture Field Officer – Professional Knowledge – 1


Hello and welcome to exampundit. Today we are sharing IBPS SO Agriculture Field Officer Professional Knowledge quiz on Environmental and Soil Sciences, Horticulture.

IBPS SO Agriculture Field Officer

  1. Which element is considered as energy currency for the plant?

(a) N

(b) P

(c) K

(d) Mo

(e) Cu


Option: B


  1. The purpling along the leaf edges is the characteristic deficiency symptom of

(a) P

(b) K

(c) B

(d) Fe

(e) Mo


Option: A


  1. Fe is an important component of enzymes

(a) Nitrogenase

(b) Nitrate reductase

(c) Nitrite reductase

(d) All of these

(e) None of these


Option: D


  1. Fertilizers containing CI ions are not suitable for

(a) Sugarcane

(b) Potato

(c) Wheat

(d) Pigeonpea

(e) Tomato


Option: B


  1. Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter cause nitrification are an obligate

(a) Autotrophic bacteria

(b) Heterotrophic bacteria

(c) Both (a) and (b)

(d) Saprophytes

(e) None of these


Option: A



  1. Biuret in urea applied as a foliar spray in citrus fruits should not be more than

(a) 0.25%

(b) 0.50%

(c) 0.75%

(d) 1.50%

(e) 1.00%


Option: A


  1. P content in DAP is

(a) 20%

(b) 36%

(c) 46%

(d) 50%

(e) 15%


Option: A


  1. Chemical formula of single superphosphate is

(a) Ca (H2PO4)

(b) CaHPO4

(c) Ca3 (PO4)

(d) Ca (H2PO4) CaSO4 2H2O

(e) CaPO4


Option: A



  1. Concentration of nitrogen in soil air is

(a) 70%

(b) 74%

(c) 78%

(d) 82%

(e) 60%


Option: C


  1. Which of the following is correct?

(a) P2O5 × 0.44 = P

(b) P2O5 × 2.29 = P

(c) P2O5 × 0.83 = P

(d) P2O5 × 1.20 = P

(e) P2O5 × 0.22 = P


Option: A



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